Writing composition on New Year's Eve

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除夕 night writing作文 1

Looking for the stars and the moon, I finally look forward to the holiday that makes me happy and happy-New Year's Eve. This New Year's Eve has made me unforgettable and unforgettable. In the morning, my mother, brother and me, and those who have returned from vacation Dad The lanterns were lit together at home, and the home was dressed up cheerfully. My mother cleaned up the house and kept it clean and spotless. After everything was ready, we rushed to Grandpa's New Year.

It was already afternoon when I arrived at Grandpa's house. But the table was already full of hearty dishes. But Grandpa and Grandma knelt down on the ground and prayed to a bunch of incense. Oh! Just our house rules: pass Chinese New Year At that time, we must burn incense to our ancestors before we can eat. So, we prayed one by one, and we celebrated the grandparents. Suddenly, a firecracker sounded, and we went out to see it. It was the fireworks that the mother lit the firecrackers that brought New Year's blessings..In the sound of firecrackers, I feel like I'm one year older.

What makes me happiest and most excited is eating New Year's Eve dinner. The tempting, mouth-watering meals on the table can be enjoyed right away. So, when I cook, I gobble up and eat. Every timeIt ’s the most satisfying time for me. But my father and mother are trying to figure out what happened to my spandex with my loved ones this year, and it does n’t stop me from eating too much, letting me eat one at a time.

After eating and drinking enough, let ’s go out and put out fireworks together. The fireworks flew up and down in the sky, blooming like heavenly girls, beautiful flowers. Although I was a little bit reluctant, we left in the sound of fireworks. New year,It has quietly arrived. The fluttering old time has slipped away with the sound of firecrackers and fireworks. I hope my grades will rise in the new year; my brother can be more sensible; my mother can worry less for us; my father'sCareer is more successful; we can all be healthier!

New Year's Eve night writing composition II

Looking forward, the annual New Year's Eve is coming. This night is the best night of the year. How happy, excited, and lively every household is! Eating dinner is the happiest time in our family.We have a lot of family. Uncles, aunts, parents, grandparents are all reunited.

You see, there are pots of pots of vegetables on the table in our house. There is a steaming chicken leg, which really makes me drool. There is also a pot of dumplings, and small dumplings in the pots.Swimming, it seems to be saying: too comfortable, really like a hot spring in the swimming pool. The family is too lively, while the uncles and aunts are eating and drinking, talking and laughing so that everyone can't hold their mouths. I pick up Coke and toast to Grandpa,Said: "I wish Grandpa good health." Grandpa smiled and took the red envelope and put it in my hand. I opened it for five hundred yuan. At this moment, my face was as red as an apple, very happy.

After eating Chinese New Year dinner, everyone sat on the sofa and watched the Chinese New Year party. I sat in the middle of the sofa and watched the beautiful dance. What impressed me most was that the magician Liu Qian was performing magic.Everyone was watching it with great interest. The crackling firecrackers led me out of my home. I opened my eyes and saw the colorful fireworks in the sky as if they were blessing people!

At twelve, "Dang ... Dangdang ...", the bell of the New Year rang. At this time, the sound of firecrackers around was louder, and the dark night was brightened. I looked at it,I thought of firecrackers in the house, so I took the firecrackers and set the firecrackers upright. Then I carefully lit the firecrackers. Then I covered my ears and quickly turned to escape. After a while, the crackling sound sounded and the sky was heard.It became smoky. When the firecrackers at home were almost finished, I wish my family good health and good luck. This year's New Year's Eve is really memorable.

New Year's Eve night writing composition III

New Year ’s Day, people slaughter dogs, kill ducks, and celebrate the Spring Festival. The sound of firecrackers on this day, accompanied by the wish of the Lord to cook the "God's Word", blasted loudly..People think that the stove god is the head of the family, and it is in charge of the good, evil, and good fortune of the family. Therefore, every year, the stove god will be sent to the emperor to show his wisdom to the blessings of the whole family.The elders in the family went to do it. They put candy on the stove to sacrifice the stove god, and prayed to the stove god "God speak good deeds, and descend to auspiciousness." The purpose of offering the stove god with candy is to "stick" the stove's mouth and make him sweet.Say good things. After the New Year's Eve comes, then release firecrackers to the king to go to the world. This is an ancient custom of Guilin's "little years". Even if the firecrackers are set off, it is only a ritual of ancient customs.

From the 24th to the 30th of the lunar month, people are busy buying new year's goods, cleaning the indoor and outdoor areas, and welcoming the New Year cleanly. The traditional food for the festival is rich in variety and contains beautiful wishes: the twenty-ninth year of the moonlight steamed rice cake, rice cakeIt's sweet, successful, delicious, and good. I ate rice cakes high, and the new year's life and work are booming.

On the big dinner, people like to reunite with their family members. The dishes must have "yuanzi" and "joy", which means reunion, joy and joy. This evening, all people are empty at home.The charcoal fire in the brazier should be burned to the full, as a symbol of life and prosperity. When the time comes, young and old are full of joy and welcome the new year with the sound of firecrackers. The sound of cannons is endless, one after another, until the night is quieter, people stillThere is no drowsiness, the fire is still busy, just to go to rest, and still will not forget to set the fire in the brazier, leaving the tinder, and wait for a good fire in the early morning tomorrow. The new year's tinder is like human life, it isNew year is a good sign of prosperity and family prosperity. People have such deep feelings about fire, perhaps because fire has brought civilization and warmth to human beings. Love fire is like loving your own life, especially in New Year.