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Elementary school students' explanatory essay composition: my cat

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Elementary school students' explanatory essay composition: my cat

Elementary school studentstranslate1178translate1179: My kitten 1

My cat is very individual.

In winter, it is very cold, the kitten will hide in the den all day long, or just sleep in the bed. If you go to tease it, it will yawn at you and stretch at most, And went back to sleep.

But in summer, the kitten becomes lively. Sometimes he can stay away from home for ten days and nights. When the family is in a hurry, he suddenly reappears. At this time, there will be dirt on his body and sometimes injuries.Go straight to the cat food bowl, and you will continue to bark after you, let you add water to the cat, and let you bathe it.

This kitten is also a stupid cat, it will fall out of bed when sleeping. Once my grandpa and I were watching TV in the living room, and my grandma suddenly cried out in the bedroom: "Hey, come on, the kitten is about to fall out of bed again!"My grandpa and I rushed in. Sure enough, the kitten was rolling around on the bed with his eyes closed. Suddenly, the kitten fell to the ground and we laughed. The kitten opened his eyes and looked at us, if nothing happened.Jumped to bed and went to sleep.

I like my cat with a personality.

Primary school students' explanatory essay: My little cat 2

I have a kitten in my family. It is cute, naughty, and capable.

The small round head of the kitten has two small triangular ears standing high up; both eyes are like emeralds, which will shine brightly at night; the small nose is wet; the mouth isA few beards that can measure rat holes.

The kitten is very naughty. At home, he is interested in everything and used it as a toy. I remember one time, it caused my beloved rag doll to sway and almost tore it, so angry that I wanted to be very angryAfter beating it, I can hear its meowing begging for mercy, and I feel relieved again. Sometimes it ran to the balcony, wrestled in the flowerpot, held the flower branches and played on the swing, and the flowers and grasses could be damaged by the seedlings.What a naughty kitten!

Although the kitten is naughty, but also very capable. Don't look at it always squinting during the day, hiding in the corner to sleep, carefree. At night, it comes out like a policeman, and hears a little rattleI stared with bated breath and waited patiently. The mouse thief came out, and the kitten rushed over and grabbed the mouse with its pointed paws. The naughty kitten was not in a hurry to eat the mouse, but threw the mouse out first.A long way away, the mouse wanted to take the opportunity to escape, but where could he escape from the palm of the kitten’s hand, when the kitten got bored, he killed the mouse. Early the next morning, the kitten would drag the mouse to us to claim credit.Let mother reward him with a fish!

Look! This is my cat. Isn't it cute?

Elementary school students' explanatory essay composition: My kitten 3

My cat is gray all over, with a little white on the paws; a bit mischievous, but still quite cute. The eyes are big and round, the nose is like a small fish hook, and the mouth is a bit like a cherry. It isLoves to lick the hands of the owner, licking it so much. The kitten seems to have nothing to do during the day, and is there lazily basking in the sun.

Sometimes it is also very lively and cute, jumping and jumping very cute. It eats when it is hungry, and it eats like a fatal food, there is really no way. The kitten is full, and then lies in the sun againLazily basking in the sun.

Sometimes I am going to tease it. It either ignores me or just jumps on my lap and curls up: the body is asleep. It took a long time to wake up slowly, and the eyes were staring.Like a big tennis ball. Stretching a lazy waist, the whole body is really like a big and long bow. At this time, I found out that my kitten is really pretty. Kitty kitten, I really like you.

Primary school students' explanatory essay composition: My cat 4

I have a cat named Lele. Lele is very cute. He has a coat of snow-white and snow-white hair. Two black pearl-like eyes grow on its fluffy face. It also has a long hair.Long tail. Its beard looks like a tiger's beard. Its pupils squint as soon as they see sunlight. Once, the kitten Lele sneaked up to the refrigerator in my house, and first looked around.Man, a fish jumped onto the sink, and then put his front paws on the handle of the refrigerator, and pulled hard, the door of the refrigerator opened, Lele ecstatically ate the fish, the kitten Lele KezhenGreedy!

Cat Lele is very good at catching mice. At night, Lele lay on the ground, and suddenly, there was a rat's "squeaking" sound. He straightened up and walked quietly to a small hole.After waiting there for more than an hour, the mouse thought it was all right, so he rushed out and just rushed to the side of Lele. Lele pounced and caught the mouse and swallowed the mouse. Lele is really good at catching the mouse!

My cat is a cute, greedy cat and very good at catching mice.

Elementary school students' explanatory essay: My cat 5

My family has a small black and white tabby cat. It came to my house in November last year and my mother and I picked it up on the way from school. At that time, it was still very young, and my mother named it Wangcai.We made a warm nest for it with waste paper boxes and old clothes, and prepared a colorful wooden fish for it to sharpen its claws.

Wangcai is a veritable lazy cat. It sleeps almost from morning to night. When I get up in the morning, he sleeps in the nest; in the morning, he lays in a sunny place to sleep; in the afternoon, he lays in the shadeNapping on the floor; at night, when I was about to go to bed, it went back to its own nest to dream. Because it loves to sleep so much, it grows and gets fatter. Before, its face was as handsome as Spider-Man, now it is like aChubby Fuwa, both cheeks are always bulging.

Wangcai likes my room the most. Every time I open the door of the balcony, it rushes in like an arrow and runs to my room. It likes to play with the pencil on my desk, and takes away a few each time., No wonder my pencil always disappears mysteriously.

With this little brother accompanying me, I will not be lonely at all.

Primary school students' explanatory essay: My kitten 6

In my yard, Grandpa Li, the concierge, has several cats, including white, black, yellow, and my favorite little cat.

This little tabby cat is very cute, with gray and white floral hairs, two degrees of furry, like a ball of hair. It has a pair of very bright eyes. In the daytime, its pupil is a line at night.It looks like two shining sapphires. His feet are like plum blossoms, and there are thick pads on the soles of his feet. He walks quietly, and there are five claws like hooks hidden under the pads.

It is very agile. The big tree more than ten meters high in our courtyard climbed to the top after a few chorus. When it caught the mouse, it quietly approached the prey, and then rushed to catch the prey. It ranSoon, I want to hug it, but I can’t catch it.

Although it always hides from me, I still like this little cat.

Elementary school students' explanatory essay: My little cat 7

There is a cute kitten in my family.

It is furry all over and feels very comfortable to the touch. Its eyes are round and round, occasionally squinted. If you look at its eyes at night, it glows terribly like a ghost. The mouth is slightly pink,Twice with thin beards. Don’t underestimate these beards, they can be very useful! Kittens rely on it to measure the size of the mouse hole.

Once, I accidentally fell into a hole while playing with a glass ball, and the kitten happened to stare at the hole intently. I closed my breath tightly and hid on the side motionless. For a while, oneThe mouse quietly pokes its head out to see if there is no danger around, and swaggers out to find something to eat. At this moment, the kitten rushes towards the mouse with lightning speed, and catches it immediately.

The kitten bit the fruit of victory and hid in the corner to enjoy the food. How about? This guy is cute!

Elementary school students' explanatory essay composition: My kitten 8

I have a fluffy kitten in my house. It has a very healthy body. It has a pair of pointed ears on its small and exquisite head, a few long beards on the sides of its mouth, and its body has white and slender fur.The tail is tied with a bow made of bloody ribbon. This is my beloved Cocoa.

It's so funny. Every time I walk in, it licks me and asks me for food. I pour it with cat food, and it gobbles it up. When it's full, it rolls on the floor and touchesHe fell asleep with a round belly and satisfied.

But it is the bodyguard of our house. At night, the nasty rat came to invade our home again. The rat's footsteps were very light, but it was still discovered by Coco. It arched its back and threw the rat out of the window with strong paws.

Although Coco is very naughty, I still love him because it brings me endless happiness.

Elementary school students' explanatory essay: My little cat 9

Since my mother took the kitten home, I have been happy from ear to ear every day.

This kitten is like a furry ball, so I call it a fur ball. The fur ball grows very lively and cute. The fur ball has only four feet, abdomen and chin, which are white, and the rest are blackThe yellow miscellaneous hair has pointed ears on its head. As long as there is a slight noise, it will prick up its ears to listen. The cutest thing is its eyes that glow in the middle of the night, really like two emeralds.

The kitten is so cute. It will come to "help" every time it sweeps the floor. It will go up and down with the sweeping, and clean it with its own hair. The hair ball will bounce around, as if it only "meows"Called the little white rabbit. Sometimes, the fur ball is like a worm, and you want to hug your leg.

One time I learned to poop on the toilet and fell in embarrassedly. This is our naughty, cute and funny kitten. Please come to my house to watch the fur balls when you have time!

Elementary school students' explanatory essay composition: My little cat 10

There is a cute cat in my house.

I remember once, when I passed the utility room, I happened to see my cat lurking in a corner of the utility room. I wondered if the cat was catching a mouse? I decided to see what happened, so I screened the soundCalm, squat down on the spot, ready to see how the cat catches the mouse.

After a while, there was a "squeak" sound from the mess. After a while, I saw a mouse revealing the thief's head, turning his eyes left and right, observing the outside environment, and then retracting his head alertly;But my cat was lying motionless on the ground, for fear of making a little noise. The mouse walked out of the utility room with high vigilance after probing, and my cat was also crawling toward the mouse's position. Finally, the mouse was completelyThe body was exposed. The cat bounced out with a "swish", clasped the mouse with its sharp paws, and then bit the mouse's neck with its mouth. The mouse made a dying struggle, and finally died under the cat's mouth.The cat ran past me quickly with the mouse in its mouth, enjoying its delicious meal.

This is my wit and brave cat.

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