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Explanation of Dragon Fruit Primary School Students

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I like to eat dragon fruit, as long as I do n’t eat dragon fruit for a week, I ca n’t stand it.

Do you know why I like dragon fruit so much? Not because of its juicy and fleshy flesh, not because its skin is particularly dazzling in the "fruit group", but because its origin is special.

Dragon fruit grows on the tree, so there is another tree called the dragon fruit tree. The dragon fruit tree is very special, the fruit-dragon fruit grows on the leaves. Picking the dragon fruit is also more troublesome, it needs more effort to pick itA dragon fruit comes down.

When you eat dragon fruit, you must first cut the dragon fruit in half and divide it into two halves. Then take out a spoon and finally use the spoon to dig the fruit of the dragon fruit. Well, the taste is very good, although the part of the pulp is sourIt looks like grapes, but the whole cannot be affected.

Dragon fruit is not only delicious, but also has a special name. Dragon fruit resembles an irregular fire, hence the name dragon fruit. Dragon fruit originated in Central America, where it is also known as "auspicious fruit."

Dragon fruit is not only beautiful in appearance, but also comparable to flowers, and there are many types. Dragon fruit is divided into three types: red skin white fruit, white skin red fruit and red skin red fruit. But I have only seen one type, and only tasteOne kind is red skin and white fruit. This dragon fruit has many seeds, black and black, small. If you pull it out of the mother body, you can't tell which one is which compared to sesame.Little child, soak it in the water for five minutes, and there will be a circle of hair next to the dragon fruit. Then eat it and chew it.

I like dragon fruit, not only its color but also its taste, what a "fruit" is!

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