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Explained by the 5th grader, the king of the rainforest puma

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Some people say that the leopard is agile and is a long-distance running champion. But have you heard of the "King of the Rainforest" puma?

Leopard, agile and good at running. At night, when its green eyes look directly at you, your heart will speed up, causing fear and panic. The title of the jaguar ’s rainforest king comes from its body and habitat, the jaguarHis body is good at sneak attacks in the rain forest. Its habitat is the rain forest. The puma is very familiar with the rain forest. Even if there is a tiger, the puma will mercilessly kill the tiger, so no animal or person can escape in the rain forest.Got the jaws of a jaguar.

Puma is named because it inhabits the Americas. The puma inhabits the rainforest, and it has an advantage in size, so it is named the king of the rainforest.

The jaguar is the largest and most powerful of leopards. Among all cats, it is fifth, that is to say, there are only four cats that can defeat it among cats, the Siberian tiger.Lion, Sumatran tiger, etc.

Jaguar, a very aggressive feline, is a mammal. Because of its strong body and familiarity with the terrain, it has the so-called "King of the Rainforest."