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Guide to writing the text of the fourth grade primary school language teaching plan

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Elementary school fourth grade Chinese language teaching plan translate1177 Writing instruction

  Teaching goal : Cultivate students' basic ability to write explanatory text. Form: outline, writing, modification

  teaching focus : writing

  Teaching difficulty : writing

Teaching aid : Film 1 photo

Teaching assumption :

In the past, teachers and students have learned systematically the knowledge about the explanatory text, and the students have carried out fragment exercises. Through practice, they have found that students have made progress in writing the explanatory text.Once big Composition Guidance. The basic steps are: 1 Talk about the shortcomings of fragment composition and introduce a new lesson. 2 Show the composition title, "Our Classroom", and discuss the content that our classroom should introduce to readers in groups. 3 Writing. 4 Exchange modification.

  teaching process :

First, review the last fragment composition and introduce a new lesson :

Advantages: 1 Basically meet the requirements of the explanatory text, no longer written as a narrative as in the past.

2 And can use several explanation methods comprehensively.

Disadvantages: 1 Introducing things can not grasp the characteristics of things.

2 Lack of organization.

3 When applied as a method of comparison, it narrates too much the things used for comparison, leaving a feeling of introducing two things.

Second, present the practice topic: "Our Classroom" 1

3. Let students try to outline the outline, which should include the following aspects: 8

1. What aspects of our classroom do you want to introduce.

2. The explanation method used when introducing each part of the classroom.

3. In what order?

Fourth, the teacher will give students a writing reminder according to the outline of the student: 4

Teachers should emphasize the following points: requires slide show

1. The key is to explain the overall characteristics. Including the shape and structure characteristics.

2. The building occupies space, and each part of its structure has a certain position. Therefore, after introducing the overall characteristics, it is necessary to expand the description in an orderly manner according to a certain spatial order, such as from far to near, from outside to inside, From front to back, from top to bottom, etc.

Fifth, adjust the outline, and practice writing. 29

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