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Instructions for pupils of hyacinth

Time: 2019-11-14 Recommended visit : Description

Hyacinth is a bunch of well-known flowers. Its appearance is special. It is round, with a purple color, looks like onion, like a crown, and like a round glass bottle. It wears a filmThe color of the outer coat is basically the same as the color of the flowers that will come out in the future. Its apex is spiral and the top part is tender green. The outer ring at the bottom is golden yellow, much like the outer skin of fried dumplings;Its inner circle is dark brown, with long brown hairs, like a long history.

Hyacinth not only has a beautiful appearance, but its flowers are also quite attractive. It usually blooms during the Chinese New Year in February. The blooming flowers are blue, pink, goose yellow, purple, etc., which can be beautiful!

I planted its bulb with hope at the end of November, hoping that it would germinate and grow up quickly, draw out green branches, cover with green leaves, and bloom lilac flowers to produce attractiveFruit.

I imagine that this hyacinth will be able to bloom a lot of flowers in the future, and I am constantly showing off to my classmates and friends ...

If people indulge in such a rich fragrance, they will quietly appreciate the weak and beautiful flowers and will not leave for a long time.

This is the hyacinth that everyone loves.