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Charming description of Osmanthus Elementary School

Time: 2019-11-14 Recommended visit : Explanation

As the saying goes: August osmanthus fragrance. Today we will talk about the charming osmanthus!

Osmanthus osmanthus is small, with varieties of Jin Gui and Yin Gui. Jin Gui is also known as Dangui. If you take a closer look, you can see that osmanthus babies have spread out smiling faces.It looks colorful, some bathed in the sun, blown by the wind and also revealed a smile of joy in the rest, and some were opened by the golden arrows of the sun, flashing a string of light, as if it wereAll the beauty is displayed to the fullest. A gust of wind blows slowly, and the osmanthus slowly falls down and looks far away, just like the next osmanthus rain.

The fragrance of osmanthus is particularly strong. Its fragrance is like a perfume. A breeze blows in. When you walk closer, you can smell an intoxicating fragrance that makes people feel refreshed.

Osmanthus fragrans also has many uses. You can make osmanthus wine, osmanthus cake ... If you haven't tried it, you can ask your mother to help you make a taste.

I love Osmanthus, because it is simple and beautiful!