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Watermelon Elementary School Explained

Time: 2019-11-13 Recommended visit : Explanation

Do you know what fruits are red when eaten, black when spit out, and green when left? Haha! You guessed it, that is-watermelon!

There are many varieties of watermelon, the most common are seedless watermelon, 8284, black beauty, etc.

The watermelon's coat is green. Touch the surface with your hands. It's smooth and smooth, like baby's skin. It feels very comfortable. Cut the watermelon with a fruit knife, and immediately reveal the fresh flesh, red fleshThere are many black watermelon seeds in it, like a barberry sleeping quietly in the red flesh.

Watermelon has many functions, can reduce fever and relieve heat, lower blood pressure, and anti-aging. Watermelon peel can also be used to treat nephritis and edema, liver disease jaundice, diabetes, etc.

I remember once when I was playing a game with my friends, I suddenly had a heat stroke. Dad See, I hurried to buy a watermelon on the street, I thought: I can still eat watermelon after heat stroke! My father seemed to understand my mind, and said, "Eating watermelon can relieve the heat!"Hand me a watermelon. After I ate it, it really improved a lot. I didn't expect watermelon to have this effect!

My favorite fruit is usually watermelon. After knowing so many benefits, I like it even more!