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my bedroom elementary school description

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My bedroom is very fresh and natural. Although it is not gorgeous, it can also be described as simple and typical, spacious and bright.

Entering the bedroom, the first thing that catches my eye is a large beige bookcase. The bookcase is close to the western wall, which is filled with all my favorite books, including novels, world famous books, and my favorite.There are so many nonsense books. There is something to say about this bookcase! When you do n’t buy a bookcase, the books at home can only be placed on the bedside or desk. Every time, the books always fall to the floor. II'm getting mad! So I strongly urge to buy a bookcase, Dad Then promised, there is this bookcase. Above the bookcase is my small air conditioner. It relies on it to adjust the temperature for me in winter and summer, so that I can learn at a comfortable temperature. To the southeast is my desk.Every day, I do my homework here, read books, and draw pictures ... Here, it's still my little world. Sometimes, I sit here alone to think about my mind, or I just entertain myself and indulge in the other side of myself.Next to the desk is my warm and comfortable "small" bed. Although this is a "small" bed, it is not small at all! However, because I sleep alone, I often call it a "small" bed. Bedside, There are a few of my beloved little dolls, Haibao brought back from the World Expo, the fragrant dog that my father brought back on a business trip and my favorite furry bear ... each one is so memorable. At night,I never feel lonely with them. I also have a closet to the north, which is full of clothes. Wow! You can open a clothes shop!

I love my bedroom, it's my paradise, it's a paradise that will leave my childhood with good memories.