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6 elementary school explanatory texts

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Part 1: Introduction to grapes作文 400 words

Grape is a fruit with high nutritional value, and its uses are also very wide. As we all know, world-famous French wine is made with it. And grapes are also very sugary, and can be extracted after processing.It is suitable for people to use as medicine for people with low blood sugar. And the grape itself is very delicious.

When the grapes are not ripe, they are sour and astringent, a little bit sour than mature hawthorn. At this time, the grapes are emerald green, and under the sun's rays, they are like crystal clear green emeralds.Brilliant light. The immature grapes are also very small, slightly larger than cherries, and smaller grapes are smaller than pearls.

Ripe grapes are different. Take a bite, sweet and very refreshing, it is heavenly delicious! It exudes an attractive fragrance and tastes delicious. Ripe grapes are purple, but with a little redAt this time, the grapes are many times larger than the original, and some can be compared with longan.

Every August and September is the season for picking grapes. People who grow grapes will go to the vineyard in high spirits, pick up the scissors skillfully, cut the grapes, and sell them. Some grapes are not ripe,They are sold. Although such grapes are a bit sweet, they have a sour taste rather than sweetness and are not tasty. Ripe grapes will be pecked by birds, and some will rot, and the moisture will be less and less..

There are many colors and types of grapes. The colors are purple, green, white, etc. The types are giant peaks, rose fragrances, etc. The grape forms are also various, red, and very beautiful.

Grape seed is also very useful. It has an antioxidant effect. It can play a role in detoxification, enhance immunity, anti-allergy, and protect blood vessels.

Grape is a treasure all over the body, it has made a great contribution to human beings.

Part 2: Introduction to Apple's composition of 400 words

I am a beloved apple. Autumn is a good season for our growth. We greedily suck the nectar that the autumn girl has given me, and thrive under the careful care of the farmer uncle, and soon grow outFruit. At the end of October, we matured. The taste, color, and shape are very cute. Round, like a small ball, some like a circular alarm clock, and some like a small lantern ... We look likeVarious: some are green; some are red; some are pink; and others are red and red, delicate and dazzling ...

I not only look good, but also very delicious. As long as you cut us open, you can see the flesh that drips. Our flesh is white, the seeds are black, and the juice is fresh.It tastes sweet and crunchy, crispy and delicious, and the flesh is delicious, straight from the tip of your tongue, the delicate flesh tempts you to take another sip.

My nutrition is also very rich. There are carbohydrates, vitamins A, C, E and proteins, fats, citric acid and phosphorus, calcium, zinc, sodium and other trace elements. There are also tonic heart, lungs, Shengjin detoxification, QiThe effect of relieving the stomach and sobering the liver. Placing my apple peel on my face can give you beauty! I can also process it into dried apples, apple juice, apple porridge, apple salad ...

How about, after listening to the introduction of our Apple family, do you like me more? Then remember to taste it every day!

Part 3: 400 words in composition

In the world, there is a kind of stationery that is closest to people, that is, "pens". Students often use pencils, ball pens, highlighters; commonly used chalk, whiteboard pens, etc. When you enter the stationery store, you can see a wide variety of,Colorful, all kinds of pens.

My most commonly used pens are: mechanical pencils, ballpoint pens, fluorescent pens. The refills of mechanical pencils are made of graphite ground into powder and clay, and then wrapped with wood;The colored pen tube is combined with a plastic shell.

I remember one time, I answered the teacher ’s question in class, so the teacher gave me a pen as a reward. At that time, I was really overjoyed! That pen is my treasure and a lucky pen. Before the exam,I always tell it: "Come on! Today you rely on me to get good grades!" After making a wish, it started to flow like clouds, lightning fast, and finished writing the test papers at a fast speed. It was really lucky.Pen!

The pen is indispensable for human beings in life. Stationery, it brings us convenience. Without it, we may have to use knots to write notes or engraved words on stones to communicate. Pens are really human.Great invention!

Part 4: Computer 400-word composition

Some people say that mobile phones are omnipotent, in fact, they are better than mobile phones.

Late at night, if you need something, but you do n’t have it at home, and you do n’t want to buy it from an outside store, you can order it through Taobao on your computer, pay for it, and it willCan send your things to your home or work place as fast as possible, and the items are practical and cheap.

Computers are mainly divided into desktop computers, notebook computers and handheld computers. General Family Both buy desktop computers, but with the development of society, more and more people buy laptops and handhelds.

There are many computer skills, and the ability to listen to music is not small. As long as you enter the music you want to listen to in Baidu, you can immediately hear the original song, and you can also sing along with the lyrics. If youIf you do n’t want to listen to this song anymore, you can enter another song name. If you do n’t know the song name, you can enter the TV theme song, ending song, etc., or find your own music through music software.

Of course, the computer also has its disadvantages, that is, radiation. The diameter of the computer radiation is generally about 30 cm, the back radiation is strong, and the front radiation we face every day is the weakest. Despite this, the harm of the computer to humansThere are still many, the first is to the eyes of people, serious eye diseases.

A computer has both advantages and disadvantages, just as everything is one-sided. So as long as you pay more attention, take good protection, and use less Internet, you can minimize the harm.

Part 5: Animal Dog说明文 400-word composition

A friend's house has a white dog that looks so cute and flowers bloom.

This little white dog is chubby, like a fluffy thread, and also looks like wearing a white mink coat, it is very eye-catching; its eyes are slick and bright; its big ears are like twoTake the fan that can blow the wind; the nose is black and black, this is probably the embellishment in its white and flawless hair! The long tail is fluffy, and when you see the owner, you will shake your head and swing your brain, it is lovely!

Its character is very docile: when it is happy, it will jump on you, rub it back and forth, and stick out your tongue to lick your face and hands. You can't help seeing this cute lookWhen you touch it, it will also make a humming sound very cooperatively, as if coquettish. When it is unhappy, it will lie on the ground, on the sofa, and on the bed, without making a sound.Called, but as soon as you touch it, it will be happy again.

In the past, I was still a bit afraid of getting close to dogs, but now that I know a friend ’s dog, I ’m not afraid, and I often play with it, and the dog is very naughty and active. Once, IWhen I went to a friend's house, the white dog leapt forward as soon as I entered the door, rushed to me, and licked my face with my tongue. I was nervous, worried that this white dog would bite me.I want to make me play! I took out a piece of chocolate, it seemed to be attracted, and immediately jumped off my back. To grab this chocolate, I reached out and threw it to the other corner of the living room. ItSeeing the target, he rushed forward immediately, and saw that he jumped up again and took away the chocolate. I chased it and I fell into a dog mud, and it already ran into the kitchen and licked it with interest.The chocolate is gone. It's really naughty and cute.

As long as I have time, I will go to see it, and sometimes grab a few snacks, now it is more and more popular.

Section 6: Composition of Animals and Dogs with 400 Words

Speaking of dogs, there is one in my family! Do you want to know its name? Haha, I won't go round with you, it's called Xiaohei!

It is dressed in a black fleece, with a pair of glass-ball-like eyes inlaid on its face; a small mouth under the wet nose; ears clinging to the face, a dumb look! Although lookStupid, in fact, it's not stupid!

It! It ’s different from other dogs, he even loves soup bibimbap! Why do you want to ask? Oh, that happened in that case. At night, our family sat happily.There was a meal at the table, and suddenly a scream smashed our peaceful atmosphere. It was half a day when Xiao Hei ate the bone and chopped it, Dad Mum looked at this and hurried Xiao Hei to the hospital. It took him a few days to get better. From then on, he stopped eating bones. Is he strange?

And this little thing can be well understood. As long as you call Xiao Hei, come over, it will immediately rush over, tilt your head and look at you. Say good, it will jump three feet high. Xiao Hei willI put a small ball on my own bed to play with. But after a while, the small ball was covered with bruises. But sometimes it will quietly take our shoes away and make us cry and laugh. Listen, Dad is stunning again: dead little blackI remember one time, Xiao Hei had a good time, and twitched in the living room. When Mom found it, it was flattened, and the yelling was so high that Yao Ming would be so angry. Then Xiao He pinched his little tail, Slipped into the toilet and pulled a pile of dung. My mother was angry and funny. Another time, our family including Xiao Hei went to the mountains to play. Suddenly, a few people came from another place. Xiao Hei saw,Immediately rushed up and yelled. Fortunately, my father caught it, otherwise the consequences would be unbearable. Now, Xiao Hei will follow us on the street. Every time I go to the street, there are always some people staring at Xiao Hei. It is not shy, Walking swaying. So funny!

Do you like him? Anyway, I like it, if you like, you can come to my house to see it!