Elementary explanation 300 words

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"Youth Needs Carving" Primary School说明文 300 words one

Everyone has their most precious time-youth.

At that time, we may be happy or sad, all of us are the most difficult to forget, no matter how young we are, we are filled with happy smiles, and that beautiful smile is the most real. In the happy youth, There will always be something unsatisfactory. When we are happy, we are always so crazy, but we do n’t know that the next difficulty has come. However, we are so unprepared in the face of difficulties. It ’s true.In the youth, we must be more stable. No matter what the situation, we should learn to calm ourselves down and treat things with a calm mind. Youth needs to be carved, and we need to move our way in our own way.Then our lives will be better.

Jade is not cut, it is not a tool. Our youth was full of curiosity about everything. That's why, so we must look at things with a peaceful mindset, look at life, and discover with optimism, and struggle.To stick to our own pleasure. An optimistic attitude is very important. As long as we learn to look at things, we will have a different style.

Let's take the direction of good life, take an optimistic attitude, and make visitors happy, so that each of our faces will always be filled with happy smiles!

300 Words of "Summer Techniques for Primary School" Primary School Explained Article 2

In the hot summer and sultry summer vacation, I am about to melt like ice cream. The whole person is lazy and indifferent, and the whole body is soft and do not want to move. Fortunately, I have the "Summer 123".The first is to drink cold and sweet fairy grass, love jade soup, or pumpkin sweet soup with high nutritional value. Q soft fairy grass, love jade and smooth rice grains, the taste is good and praise! Mom said "pumpkin" againIt's called "Gourd", and the cool pumpkin sweet soup is particularly nice in color, very delicious and very cool.

My second technique to cool off the summer is to go to the library to avoid the heat, where I can blow air-conditioners and write my summer vacation homework. I can also read storybooks and newspapers to increase a lot of knowledge. My third skill is to soak in hot springs.I heard that soaking in hot springs can beautify and enhance the body's immunity. There are not only beauty soup hot springs, but also cold cold springs. Once you enter the pool, you can find that the spring water is smooth and comfortable, and children can go to the cold spring area to play water gunsOh slides!

Although the summer is very hot, which makes me always sweaty, but as long as the "Summer Relief Technique 123", summer can be very fun and very interesting.