Treasure note for elementary school students who cherish life

Time: 2019-10-26 Recommended visit : Explanation

One time my mother asked me: "Wenhao, what do you think of life?" I think-life is impermanent, like a dodgeball game, when the opponent is holding the ball to prepare K, as if I was on the court, life is inEnded by K at that moment; life is fragile, and like hearing the starting guns of a track race, I will also feel weak in my limbs and spread my fear on the ground.

Rich experience in life, like magic cubes played by classmates, every time, each side has a different color combination. However, this journey of life is full of uncertainty, like twenty-four hoursThe continuous broadcast news station broadcasts, and accidents happen every second and every place. Therefore, people should think about the value of life, be aware of this one-way ticket, you ca n’t go back when you get on the bus, and you may get off early.Car too!

I saw the news station reporting a drag racing accident. The scene of the accident was filled with adults crying and crying: "I told him that something would happen, but he wasn't worried at all. What should I do now?" I thinkAs a child, you should strive to do the following: 1. Realize the kindness of parents to raise themselves daily, and when they grow up, they will become the goal of parents relying on pillars; 2. They must not be driven by curiosity.Doing wrongful things leads to the great tragedy of the early end of life; Third, cherish your body, on the one hand, to provide peace of mind to your family, and on the other hand, to make your life smoother.

"The ants are still stealing their lives, how can the spirit of all things be light?" Even ants know how to live. As human beings, shouldn't we cherish life more? This time I will assure my mother: "My lifeIt is very precious. It was given by you in October, and I will cherish this unique life. "