Compass's Mystery Elementary School Explained

Time: 2019-10-22 Recommended visit : Explanation

During the history class yesterday, the classmates asked a question to Mr. Wang: Why must the direction of the magnetic spoon handle in the original compass "Sinan" be south? Mr. Wang did not answer at the time, let us go home and askparents.

Tonight, I am Dad Ask this question. Dad told me the truth of this question, I heard it for a long time, but did n’t understand it. Dad said, "Okay, let me do an experiment. Go and find a big needle and a paragraphThin thread. "As soon as I heard that I was going to do an experiment, I got the spirit and found the needle and thread and gave it to my father.

Dad found a small magnet from his electronic parts box, wiped it back and forth a few times on the needle, and said, "This needle is already magnetic because the magnet just made the magnet inside the needleThe molecules are neatly arranged. "Dad tied a thin thread in the middle of the needle, then hung it on the table lamp, leveled both ends of the needle, and said," You touch the tip of the needle. "

I turned the tip of the needle a few times with my finger, but it was strange, no matter how the tip started, I always pointed to the south when I finally stopped. What is the reason for this?

My father explained it to me in conjunction with the experiment, and I finally understood it. It turns out that all rectangular objects made of magnets have both the guide pole and the north pole. In addition, the earth itself is a large magnetThe south pole is the S pole, and the north pole is the N pole. Due to the reason that the same poles are mutually aligned and the opposite poles attract each other, the compass's compass pole is attracted by the earth's south pole, which means that the north pole is attracted by the earth's north pole.It is a spoon-like magnet. The handle of the spoon must be the N pole. Due to the attraction of the earth's S pole, it is a guide.

This experiment was really meaningful and made me understand why the magnetic spoon handle in the original compass "Sinan" always pointed to the south. I will take the truth I learned by doing this experiment in tomorrow's history class.Tell everyone so everyone understands.