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Explanatory text for elementary school in action

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Explanatory text for elementary school in action

Introduction:Explanatory textIt is to describe the characteristics of an item to everyone. Each item has its own characteristics. The following editor has compiled the instructions for the elementary school to act. Welcome to refer to!

Being Action Elementary School Explanatory Text

Since ancient times, it has been the cradle of the Chinese nation, and the middle reaches of the Yellow River Basin is the main birthplace of the history of Chinese civilization. But now, what we hear about the Yellow River is more of its deepening of the sediment and the increasing of the day.Dry up. The river bed keeps rising, and even the sand at the bottom of the Yellow River starts to float above the city. What a grim reality! The Yellow River basin was once a good habitat with dense forests, fertile land and humid climate. Why is it now?

In fact, it is very simple. It is because of various reasons that the Yellow River has dried up, soil erosion, sedimentation and water pollution. Now if you witness such a scene with your own eyes, it will be a pity. The water of the Yellow River has been "contaminated"Yellow. The Yellow River no longer has the heroic spirit of the past, and the rolling Yellow River is no longer majestic. It is no longer consistent with Li Bai's poem "The Yellow River falls into the sky and goes to the East China Sea, and thousands of miles are written in my mind". But in my heartHowever, the Yellow River is always so great and spectacular. As a small citizen, I appeal to the descendants of Yan and Huang at home and abroad: Take action to save the Yellow River!

I believe that as long as every descendant of Yanhuang and Huang takes action. Then, the great mother river will be able to rejuvenate the past. The yellow river, the mother river, she embraces the baby, let the sweet milk flow, nurture a generation of Chinese children, and createThe splendid culture of China. With her great cohesion and creativity, she has led the Chinese nation to a prosperous future like the endless torrent of water. In recent years, due to global warming and environmental damage, China’sMany grain-producing areas have no harvest, and there is a crisis of drinking water for humans and animals. Therefore, the action of “protecting the mother river” has received widespread public response. As the birthplace of Chinese civilization, the Yellow River has always been hailed as the “mother river” by the Chinese nation.The ecological environment on both sides of the Yellow River has been severely damaged and comprehensive management of the Mother River is imminent. Tree planting is another "spring in the year", which is the duty of every citizen to protect the Mother River.

At the same time, we also call on more people to participate together, let us start from bit by bit and do our part to maintain the ecological environment on which we depend.

Being Action Elementary School Explanatory Text

I am an environmental protection guard, I often go to the park while enjoying the scenery while protecting the environment.

One day, I saw a kid playing on the lawn, and the grass was bent over by them. They were hungry and took out small food from their pockets. After eating, they threw a food bag to the east.Throw one; when thirsty, they took out a bottle of drink. After drinking the drink, they threw the empty bottle on the ground, and then bounced on the lawn again. A gust of wind blew, and I seemed to hear the cry of grass. II really couldn't bear it, so I walked to them angrily and said, "You don't pay much attention to environmental protection. You see, Xiaocao's waist was bent by you. If you were stepped on, could you endure such pain??" After I finished speaking, I picked up the trash on the ground and threw it into the trash can. They all lowered their heads in shame, and picked up the trash like me and threw it into the trash can. My heartI thought, this time I met. What if someone destroys the environment next time, but I happened to be away at that time? So I made a board and placed it next to the grass, which said:Please take care of our environment.

The earth is our home, let us all take action to protect today’s environment and tomorrow’s home.

Being Action Elementary School Explanatory Text

These days, I saw the slogans "Create Twin Cities" posted everywhere in the city. I thought this event was great, so I immediately mobilized the whole family to take action.

To create a "Twin Cities", you must first start with yourself and the small things around you. Don't spit, don't throw confetti, and pick up the confetti and throw it into the trash can; take the initiative to clean up the streetAdvertising; participate more in sanitation and justice activities, do publicity, and promote sanitation; love flowers, plants and trees. No one in our family is willing to fall behind.

I am the little guardian of the green space in our park. Weeds grew in the green space, so I took the initiative to pull it out, my hands were red, my clothes were soiled, sweat ran down my face, I didn’t care. I pulled it out.The grass was delivered to the cleaner's grandpa's car. The grandpa smiled and said, "You are such a good boy!" This is nothing, grandma is better than what I did! Look at grandma's cleaning the corridor again.Seeing her grandma with a broom in one hand and a pinch in another, sweeping step by step, sweeping the corridor and the doorway, the inside and out are clean.

The one who moved me the most was the grandpa. Once I came back from school and saw the grandpa digging with a shovel. I jumped off the bike and ran over. It turned out that the young tree just planted was blown down by the wind, and the grandpa was protecting the tree!I held the small tree, the grandfather plowed the tree with shovel and shovel, and then stepped on the tree with his feet. The grandfather laughed and wiped the sweat from his face with his hand. I said, "My grandfather, you allI am over eighty years old, and we can leave this job to us in the future." The grandfather said: "It's okay, watching your big and small hands move, I can't be idle as an old hand!"

Yes! Creating a beautiful home requires everyone to do it. Friends, as a "Little Letting" who loves your hometown, you should act quickly!

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