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I love Cactus Elementary School Explanatory Text

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I love Cactus Elementary School Explanatory Text

Although the feeling of cactus is not as bright as the flowers, its spirit is worth learning. The following is my love cactus elementary schoolExplanatory textWelcome to learn from!

I love Cactus Elementary School Explanatory Text 1

Some people like gorgeous and noble and exotic flowers, some like poetic green and exotic grasses, but I like plain and ugly cacti covered with thorns.

Although the cactus does not have a graceful "figure", no refreshing fragrance, and no gorgeous "clothes". The reason why I like a cactus is that it is full of treasures, unlike other flowers, only beautiful"Coat" and beautiful patterns have no practical effect. Cactus can not be measured by "look". Cactus can be used as medicine, has a soothing and astringent effect, softens blood vessels, and prevents arteriosclerosis. External use can stop bleeding, prevent and treat frostbite.It can also be eaten to make delicious dishes, you see, the little cactus has so many functions! I am also proud of it!

The reason why I like cactus is also because of its hardship, drought-tolerant, tenacious perseverance. In the hot desert, it is like a "guard", motionless, regardless of your suffering and fire, it is the sameStraight, just as tall and straight.

Seeing the cactus, we have to love the hard-working and tenacious spirit of it. We admire it spontaneously. We should also learn the ability to survive independently in life like a cactus. Constantly temper our will; In learning, you must be persevering, dare to endure hardships, learn more knowledge, and make yourself like a cactus in the future as a "treasure" and contribute to society.

I love cacti!

I love Cactus Elementary School Explanatory Text 2

I love the sharp spikes of the cactus, and I love its strong and unyielding spirit. In the barren desert, there are few green plants. Only it stands quietly in the desert, adding a ray of life to the desert.

The night in the desert is so dangerous. The sandstorm is roaring all the way, and the cactus stands still in the sandstorm. The sharp thorn wall and roots rooted in the ground will never surrender to the sandstorm. Dry desert during the day, waterIt has been drained, the blazing sun is scorching the earth, and the earth at this time is like a steamer. Thin animals, one after another heatstroke. Only it-the cactus, stands fearlessly in the hot sand.

The cactus in the desert is strong. No matter it encounters sand or scorching sun, no matter it encounters drought or storm, it will never succumb. You can see its tenacious and tenacious figure everywhere, and its vitality is always strong.

Look at us again, the mountain of work alone has caused people to surrender. Many people lack tenacious will and firm conviction. They have fallen without having survived the "scorching sun", and have not survived the "sandstorm".Was swept away. Faced with difficulties, at a loss, howling and crying...

Isn’t the cactus in the desert worth learning? Let us face our goal, not be afraid of difficulties, bravely dash forward, and survive in the “desert” like a cactus!

I love Cactus Elementary School Explanatory Text 3

The appearance of cactus is very ordinary, just a green color. Among the flowers, it does not envy the nobleness of roses or the delicate beauty of peony... It is by no means the most beautiful of plants, but it has its own fragranceTaste and unique personality! It has more admirable tenacious vitality!

Cactus is a plant that blooms in the desert. Normal flowers will definitely die if they are not watered for a long time, but cacti will not, cactiComposition. I also have a few pots of cactus in my house. Many times I forgot to water it, but it is still very moist and does not die at all. No wonder it can survive in such a water-scarce desert!

The cactus is not only resistant to drought, but its vitality is also very strong. I remember that once the "body" of a cactus on my balcony was broken, I couldn't help being disappointed: "This cactus grows so well, but itIt must not last long this time!" However, this did not affect its growth at all. It didn't take long for it to grow new "branches and leaves"! This is really unbelievable! Because of its tenaciousnessVitality and perseverance make me like this cactus more!

The other flowers are beautiful, but don’t they wither every fall? Losing their former temperament and pride, I still prefer the indomitable cactus to such weaker flowers. It is stillSo green, so strong, without bowing to difficulties at all, we also have to learn its perseverance quality!

Cactus, it stands proudly in the wind and sand, it insists on fighting the cold wind incomprehensibly, although it is ordinary, although not very eye-catching... However, it has been guiding us on the road of life, it is not afraidDifficult, going forward bravely, it is worth learning!

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