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Explanatory essay for elementary school students describing the mystery of garlic

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550-character explanatory text for elementary school students describing the mystery of garlic

Garlic is a commonly used condiment in our kitchen. In fact, garlic is more than just seasoning. It has many functions. The following is the elementary school students who describe the mystery of garlic shared by the editorExplanatory text550 words, I hope to help you!

You ask who I am? Without telling you, I will make a riddle for you to guess: "Seven or eight brothers, sit around each other, as long as they separate, the clothes will tear." By the way, you are so smart, IIt's called garlic, or the world-famous "Jiyang Suantuo".

Autumn is here, all the plants in the field put their smiles away, trembling slightly in the cold autumn wind, but I broke out of the soil, growing two green leaves, swinging and dancing in the cold wind. The long winter passedNow, spring is here. Under the rain's watering, under the sunshine, I pulled out a slender moss from my green leaves. This is the vegetable that people love to eat-garlic.At this time, when you come to our Guangshui, you will be shocked from ear to ear, and the streets full of garlic picks are like bending the streets.

At the end of spring and early summer, the farmer uncle dug me out of the soil, removed the garlic sprouts, and cut off the skin. I became a white and fat "silver ingot", and you couldn't help but drool. Then, the farmer unclePut me in a bag, carry me into a car, cross mountains and ridges, and send me across the country, across the ocean, and shipped to all parts of the world, becoming a delicacy on people's tables.

Speaking of eating garlic, the people in Guangshui are the ones who know how to eat. Either raw, or with vegetables, spicy, sweet, clearing away heat and detoxifying. Even better, people in Guangshui will mix me with salt.Add sugar, put it into the jar, and seal it for half a month. Once the jar is opened, I will find that I have become red and white and transparent, like a piece of agate. I can’t help but take a bite. My mouth is immediately full of sour and sweetness.Fragrant and spicy, you feel delicious, and you can’t tell where the beauty is, but you can’t live it up. If you wait until summer evening, the smoke will greet the people who have been tired from the field. At this time, bring out a bowl of gourd soup, Take a few pieces of scones just taken out of the stove, gather under the shade of the village head, and laugh while eating. You will find that everyone’s scones have a pile of red and white things in them.That is chili mixed with garlic.

Now, you know me, you are drooling. Then, please come to Guangshui and taste the famous "Jiyang Garlic Tuo" at home and abroad. That wonderful taste may make you reluctant to leave..

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