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Green is in my mind for elementary and middle school explanatory text

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Green is in my mind 500 words for elementary and middle school explanatory text

Introduction:Explanatory textUsing explanation as the main way of expression, it is a style that explains and interprets things and things. The editor below has compiled 500 words of green in my mind elementary and middle school explanatory text, welcome to refer to!

Green is in my heart, elementary and middle school explanatory text

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful planet. The planet's vast forests, blue sky, deep sea, and many strange animals.

One day, some demons came to this planet. They cut down trees, they hunted animals indiscriminately, they polluted the sky, and they buried the ocean. Only when the planet was about to collapse did they wake up.

This planet is the earth, and these demons are human beings.

The vast forest has become a country of disposable chopsticks; the blue sky has become a paradise of carbon dioxide; the deep sea has become a colony of oil fields; strange animals have become delicious shark fins and white ivory. Humans do not think.In return, just ask for it, the earth is about to die.

Fortunately, some environmentalists came forward in time to stop this behavior, reducing the occurrence of this behavior. But what about us? Are we just sitting blankly? Disposable chopsticks can be used, cigarettes can not be smoked, black money is not earned, animal productsYou don’t need to buy it. You know, behind every disposable chopsticks is a green tree, behind every cigarette, there is a person crying silently, and behind every piece of black money is the blood of nature, and every animal product is behind it.There is a life that suffers a thousand swords! How long does it take for trees to make chopsticks, how much carbon dioxide will smoke release, how many years will it take to repair the pollution of the ocean, and how many weeks will it take for a shark without fins to struggle to reach the end of life?A tourist was arrested for carrying ivory products, but she actually said: "I didn't kill the elephant. Why do you want to catch me?" There is no hunting and killing without buying or selling. The significance of this advertisement is very profound, just like one.Put the sword straight into the hearts of poachers and people who conduct black market transactions.

We only have one earth, wouldn’t it be too stupid not to cherish it? Greedy human beings, let’s reflect on it!

Green is in my heart, elementary and middle school explanatory text

Green is a symbol of vitality and the color of civilization. When it comes to green, people will unanimously think of environmental protection. Green cities are environmentally friendly cities.

In my mind, the green city is the most beautiful. In this city, the Lianshui River is crystal clear, the fish in the water chase and play in groups, the trees on both sides of the river are shaded, and the birdsSing happily on the tree. The sky here is more lovely than anywhere else, as beautiful as blue satin, and the blue sky is filled with white clouds, like a beautiful picture scroll, which makes people feel refreshed.

The city in my heart is full of green trees and red flowers. The wide roads are lined with evergreen trees. The green grass under the shade is dotted with clusters of colorful flowers, attracting countlessBeautiful little butterflies and industrious little bees, people and nature get along so harmoniously. There is no pungent car exhaust, no smelly garbage, the air is so fresh, and the environment is so beautiful. It is a veritable green city.!

Look at the city in our real life again, the sky is gray and pale, the leaves are very yellow, the grass and the small flowers are crying silently with their heads down, and the exhaust from cars and factories fills the city, everywhere.The garbage exudes a rotten smell. Although the government has paid more and more attention to environmental protection in recent years, it has also made unremitting efforts. Buses have popularized environmentally friendly electric vehicles. The waste water and exhaust gas of factories must be treated and discharged to meet the standards. The greening of the city is increasing.The more popular it is, sanitation workers and new-type sanitation vehicles shuttle through the streets and alleys every day, working hard to create a beautiful environment for us. However, the beauty of a city requires the joint efforts of the people of the city. Only in each of us is a green city., Are willing to make their own efforts to realize a green city, consciously sort garbage into pools, care for flowers and trees, cherish public facilities, green travel, and our green city dream can be realized as soon as possible.

I believe that with our joint efforts, the green city in my mind will become a reality in the near future.

Green is in my heart, elementary and middle school explanatory text

The long river of time whizzed by with rushing waves, how many miracles have occurred, and how many unsuccessful regrets have been left; the wheels of the years are slowly coming with rolling dust, bringing vitality to the barren land, Bring hope, bring what has been expected-that touch of green.

When I was young, because of the child’s nature, I was full of curiosity about everything, and the outside world was full of temptation to me. In the early spring, the new green of the revival of everything attracted my attention. WillIt is dug out, and Fengruo’s treasure is usually planted in a carefully prepared small flower pot, taking care of it, and displaying the invisible beauty without reservation.

One day later, it grew a little bit taller, and the light green on the branches had also been stained with a little golden color, as if it had locked the sunlight in the almost transparent body, and it seemed to be a piece of golden crystal.The shining light is beautiful. In the evening, the whistling wind from time to time outside the window, like a miserable cry. In the dream, the green is no longer there, only the yellow eyes are blown off by the wind. The autumn wind sweeps the fallen leaves, II couldn't find the green that once belonged to me from the dead leaves everywhere. I was suddenly awakened because I seemed to see the beautiful green like jasper, standing in the ground with tears, "Goodbye!"After saying goodbye, it turns into a dead leaf and is swept away by the wind.

"I won't let this happen!" With a promise to myself in my heart, I planted it back in the soil and let it return to his home. Later, I have been taking care of it and looking forward to it growing up.Although he no longer belongs to me, in my heart, it has become the carrier of my childhood memories. I want him to grow up into a green and green onion. When I have gray hair, I will sit on it.Look for the interesting things in the shade.

Nowadays, perhaps it has become a member of the towering giant tree, or perhaps it has turned into a scratch in the loess. No matter what it is now, I can’t find the touch of new green that has made me nostalgic for several times.But I will never lose that beautiful memory, because there is such a fertile soil in my heart, where it will grow and grow into the touch of green in my heart.

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