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Explanation for environmental protection elementary school students

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Explanation for environmental protection elementary school students

Introduction: The earth is our mother and our home for survival. The following is the environmental protection elementary school students brought by the editorExplanatory text, I hope to help everyone.

Environmental protection elementary school student explanation 1

Being around us, now we have started to protect greening, to be environmentally friendly, and to be green. There are many roads now, and there is a greenhouse effect, melting glaciers, etc.

Environmental protection is very important to us now. We should start with small things, don’t throw rubbish, don’t spit, need a variety of trees to plant flowers, drive less cars, walk more, etc., just say one and moreIf there are many kinds of trees and flowers, they are both environmentally friendly and beautiful. Trees can inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. They have been environmentally friendly to foreign countries, but they need to start with themselves to be truly environmentally friendly. Don’t throw away writing paper, you canTake it and sell it.

I remember that once again I didn’t do environmental protection either. I just threw away the scribbles in my book. I threw a lot. When my mother saw it, she said, “Why do you throw paper?You can’t just throw it away and you can recycle the paper. It’s a pity that you can’t waste it so much!” Mom said I lowered my head and admitted that I was wrong. I knew I was wrong. I shouldn’t waste it.They are all bought with money. This is my mistake of not being environmentally friendly. I really shouldn't waste it! Since then, I haven't wasted anymore.

Do you know? The earth's volunteers are very limited, we want to protect it, I am now an environmental protection volunteer, my family also raises a lot of flowers and plants, really green home, I also want to promote others to join environmental protectionVolunteers, the last sentence, we must be environmentally friendly, the earth’s resources are limited.

Environmental protection elementary school student explanation 2

The earth is our mother and the home we depend on for survival. With the improvement of living standards, human beings are enjoying while unknowingly destroying her, and our living environment continues to deteriorate.

When we are fine, we eat a piece of gum and spit it on the ground after chewing. The gum sticks firmly to the ground. The cleaner has to use a shovel to remove it. Moreover, the gum pollutes the land. We often go shopping., Plastic bags large and small are used, but I don’t know that plastic bags will produce toxic gas after being burned. They will not be easily degraded after being landfilled. They will also cause land destruction. With such a large population in China, one can imagine how manyPlastic bags are polluting our environment.

One person’s environmental protection action is like a lamp, when everyone lights their own lamp, the whole world will be bright! Let’s take action! No chewing gum; no plastic bags; no disposable chopsticks...It is everyone's responsibility to protect the environment! Make our earth more beautiful!

Environmental protection elementary school student explanation essay 3

Although our motherland is rich in resources and products. But, do you know? These are not enough, and more importantly, we must pay attention to environmental protection!

I think the government should promote environmental protection more, participate more in environmental protection work, and contribute to environmental protection. Organizing environmental protection is the most important thing. You say, right?

First of all, the citizens should be told to pay attention to every environmental protection matter, actively do environmental protection work, do not throw garbage casually, and pick up the garbage in time when you see it. Second, the problem of where to throw waste batteries should be solved.Make this thing more perfect: distribute some canisters for recycling used batteries in some places, and have a dedicated person to pick them up every day. In this way, whether you live in remote areas or lively places,It is easy to dispose of used batteries, and it will never happen that people don’t know how to dispose of used batteries and throw them into the trash can. Finally, the government should add an environmental protection worker's job.More people are engaged in environmental protection work!

For environmental protection, take action!

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