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Explanatory note for silent teacher in elementary school

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400 words of explanation from a silent teacher in elementary school

Introduction: I like to draw, sing, practice calligraphy, play Go and practice taekwondo, but I prefer to read books. Because books are my good partner and my silent teacher. Below is the elementary school brought to you by the editorSilent teacherExplanatory text400 words, I hope to help you all.

400 words of explanation from elementary school silent teacher 1

My name is "Dictionary", and some people say that I am a "silent teacher". I am an indispensable tool for people to read, recognize characters and go to school. I was born in a publishing company and I live with other friendsOn the shelf of the bookstore, waiting for the appearance of the new owner.

Until one day, a kind mother and a cute little brother walked into the bookstore without hesitation. My friends all rushed to be bought by the little brother, but the little brother who was overjoyed took meI picked it up from the bookshelf and looked through it carefully. He told his mother that he had decided to buy me. I was so happy!

After going home with the host, my new host put on a new red jacket for me, put a sticker on me, and put a beautiful bookmark in my body. He often took me to schoolHe took me out whenever he was free, and his classmates also praised me not only for my beautiful appearance, but also for my stomach full of knowledge and learning.

I think the new owner likes me very much, and I became his extracurricular teacher, teaching him more words and improving his homework. I am really happy to have a master who loves me, So that I can give full play to my strengths, so I must repay him well.

400 words of explanation from elementary school silent teacher 2

When I was in the second grade, I started to subscribe to the team newspaper and team magazine when I joined the Junior Vanguard. Now my small cardboard box and bookcase are filled with the team newspapers and team magazines I have read and many extracurricular books. They make meOrdinary languages ​​have become no longer ordinary and monotonous; they have gradually improved my writing level; they accompany me and accompany me without complaint or regret.

I remember when I was in the third grade, I subscribed to publications such as "Children's Literature", "The King of Intellect", "Happy Fairy Tales", I found the stories in "Children's Writing" interesting, and I also learned many famous sayings from them.For example: Gorky said: "I pounce on a book like a hungry man pounces on bread." Keller said: "A book leads us from a narrow place to the boundless, vast sea like a boat."I not only collected famous sayings, but also many good words. For example: indestructible, priceless, vivid.

So far they have become my best friends and my unique interests. A celebrity once said: "Interest is the best teacher." Indeed, the team newspaper is now not only my friend, but also meSilent teacher. This silent teacher enriched my vocabulary and helped me learn a lot of knowledge.

This silent teacher is so nice!

400 words of explanation from elementary school silent teacher 3

I like to draw, sing, practice calligraphy, play Go and practice taekwondo, but I prefer to read books. Because books are my good partner and my silent teacher.

I meet every weekendDadMom went to the bookstore to read and buy books, and went to the library to borrow books. Listening to my mother, I remember when I was two years old, I once read a humorous comic book "Father and Son" in the bookstore. It was about the life of father and sonI laughed at the interesting stories in the movie. Another time, I read a book about the War of Resistance Against Japan. The main story in the book was that the old Red Army struggled and marched forward in a difficult environment and traded their lives.Victory! I was moved to tears by their spirit. This is the power of books.

I have liked reading since I was a child, I love reading, there are many books neatly placed on the shelves, every day after school, I will read when I finish my homework, and I will read in the morning and before going to bed at night. I will read as soon as I see a bookI can’t help reading it. Reading books can not only increase knowledge, but also understand a lot of principles of life. "The Emperor's New Clothes" taught me not to deceive myself, but to seek truth from facts; "Little Red Riding Hood" taught me to use my brains to solve problems.

Book is my good partner. It has been with me for more than eight years. I will continue to study and read more and better books because it is my silent teacher.

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