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Beautiful description of Tianlai elementary school students

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Beautiful description of Tianlai elementary school students

Introduction: The world is a world full of sounds. In every corner, different sounds will be heard. All around us, there are high and low, but also exciting; and some sounds will become noise, each soundAll are flying in the world. The editor below arranges the beautiful Tianlai pupilsExplanatory textWelcome to refer to and learn from!

A beautiful explanation of Tianlai elementary school students

In this world, we hear sounds most often, and we hear different sounds no matter where we are. On busy roads, we often hear noisy cars; in the country, we can hear different sounds.Sound, but a thrilling and shocking sound, is "Nana".

What is the sound of nature? In the hearts of everyone, the sound of nature is beautiful music, the sound of a small river passing by, or the sound of standing on a mountain and listening to the earth breathing. But some people think that the sound of rain is the sound of nature.The answer’s voice is like a concert, sometimes big and small, sometimes close and far away. After listening to this concert, I feel that I am in the woods, full of power, penetrating people’s hearts, and always letting people express their stress.Power and feel boundless happiness.

In my mind, hearing the voices of my family members is the sound of nature! Whenever I feel down, as if I fell into the mountains and hearing the voices of my family members, it always makes me stand up again and start from the beginning; encounter setbacksOr when I fail, hearing the angelic voice of my family always makes me think of ways to break through this difficulty. The voice of my family is like my helper, it can help me through many difficulties, so that I can go on.

I think Tianlai is the sound from the sky, which can make people feel shocked; whenever I get angry, it always calms me down. Tianlai is like an infinite road, let me forget my troubles and start from the beginning.

A beautiful explanation of Tianlai elementary school students

In this busy world, there are always some beautiful and pleasant sounds; maybe they are made by people, maybe by animals, or maybe by nature. There are so many sounds, but they can be called ""Tianlai" can only be called Tianlai if it can be exciting and soothe people's painful hearts.

And everyone's definition of "Tian Lai" must be different. There is a song that has touched my exhausted heart and also shocked my young thoughts. When I heard the clear and loud singing for the first time, suddenly, The song penetrated my heart and seemed to say what I could not say for a long time. The title of that song is "I am a little bird", and every sentence of the lyrics throbs me deeply, Inspires and touches me.

"I am a little bird, I want to fly and fly, but I can't fly high..." "When you decide to burn for your ideals, which one is important, the pressure of life and the dignity of life..."When I hear these two lyrics, my eyes will always turn red slowly, and touching notes are flying in my heart all the time. This song lets me know that I am not the only one who can’t fly high or far., Comforting my helpless soul, and inspiring my dry thoughts.

There is a saying: "Music, you soothed my painful soul; music, you restored my quiet, firmness, joy, restored my love, restored my wealth; music, I kissed your pureMouth, I bury my face in your honey-like hair. "I think, everything about that natural song is the best portrayal of this sentence!

It turns out that Tianlai can make you believe in yourself and be full of confidence in yourself, and be surrounded by the sounds of Tianlai, and let yourself know that you are not the loneliest, how beautiful the sounds of Tianlai are!

A beautiful explanation of Tianlai elementary school students

There are sounds everywhere in this world, some make people unforgettable, some make people uneasy, some make people calm, some make people feel comfort, and some even restore joy; but onlyOnly the sound that touches and clears the hearts of people can be called ── Tianlai.

Tian Lai is sweet and deeply exciting. For me, "Tian Lai" is crisp and calming. Whenever I walk into the garden, close my eyes and listen to the wind blowing aroundThe grass, the soft and tiny voice, the birds chirping next to me, as if singing for me, each of them is like little musicians, making a never-ending symphony.

Sometimes, rain will also join this concert. Drops of raindrops like pearls are scattered on every corner of the garden, making a crisp sound like pearls falling on the ground, which is exciting; nature is full of sounds, these sounds makeMy empty heart feels infinitely liberated, and it also fills my empty heart. This crisp sound fills me with power. These music still entangles me, makes me throb, and makes me feel extremely happy.

Close your eyes and listen attentively. Everyone has a different definition of "Tian Lai" for all kinds of sounds in the world, but as long as you listen carefully, nothing is noisy. Every sound can be called "Tian Lai""; And this kind of sound always sounds beautiful, crisp, and exciting. You can try to find your own natural sound.

It turns out that nature is like a dream, making me feel comfortable and at ease, and introducing me into a world full of melody.

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