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Explanatory essay for the Year of the Rooster Elementary School

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400 words of explanatory essay on the Year of the Rooster

Explanatory textThrough scientific explanation of physical things, explanations of objective things or abstract affair. Explanation. Below is the 400-word explanatory essay shared by the editor for the Year of the Rooster. I hope it can help you!

According to legend, in the animal kingdom, weasels used to not eat chickens, they were still good friends, but now, why do weasels hate chickens so much? For more details, please listen to me!

It is said that at that time, an extraordinary running competition was held in the animal kingdom. Both of them signed up. The weasel said contemptuously: "I am sure of winning this competition. As for you, the one with thick arms and thin legs canIt’s pretty good to be in the top 20.” The chicken heard it, and was furious, and said, “Don’t talk about me now. Look at your thick tail dragging it around. How tired, it’s better to cut it!”...In this way, the two quarreled all night.

The day of the game finally arrived. The audience was filled with seats. The contestants shook their hands. With the referee's order, the contestants rushed forward like off-string arrows. The chickens and weasel were not bad, and graduallyLeaving the other players behind, but at this moment, the weasel fell into the trap of the hunter, but the chicken was not saved. He thought: Haha, God helps me, the championship belongs to me. SoIt still rushed to the finish line and won the first place, but when he wanted to show off to the weasel, he only heard a scream, and the weasel left with the last words of "my weasel family member will kill the chicken in the future."The "wolf" world.

In this way, how many "chicken" lives this stupid chicken took with the three words "first place"! So, please don't learn it.

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