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a stamp

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a stamp

我有一张猪年邮票。邮票的面积不到一平方寸,上面印有一头打扮得花花绿绿的小肥Pig, there is also the words "Guihai Year" printed next to it.
This little pig is beautiful and beautiful. The big head is connected with the fat body, almost thick on one side. Its half-pink and half-white round nose is tilted up, and its mouth is puckered.So cute. Explanatory The colors on its two eyes are really good, half yellow, half green, and the black and large pupils seem to turn around in the white eye sockets.Even the big ears of Hu Shan Hu Shan are also smeared with carmine, ho!This little pig is still full of air.
The whole body of the piglet is red-brown, but there are two colors of yellow and white on the edge of the drooping belly. The brown-red part is also covered with petal-shaped patterns. The piggy is so beautiful, but still notForgot to eat it. Look at its fleshy bosom with a big peach, that peach is really bright, yellow stems, green and greenLeaf, the pink peach, this peach seems to be well-ripe...Oh, it makes people salivate at first sight, or how can the little pig not bear to eat it?
I giggled as I watched the piggy’s naive attitude. Amidst the laughter, I have quietly loved this little pig and this stamp.

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