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Mother's Diary Composition

Time: 2020-01-25 Recommended visit : Diary

Everyone else says, “My mother is worried about my children,” every parent is so concerned about their children, why is n’t my mother? No matter what I do, my whole family cares. From my toddler,While I was still nagging, my every move was recorded by my mother.

I still remember my mother Diary In the record, she said this when she first heard me call mom: Today, my daughter called me mom for the first time, and I felt that the hard work when I brought the child before was worth it. Remember when I feed my daughterShe ate it bit by bit, because there was a lot of love in it: motherly love. When I saw these words that my mother said, I realized that every time I ate a meal, the mother ’s face bloomed with flowers. The mother was happiestThe thing is that I eat with a big mouth.

When I came back with a big certificate, my mother wrote it again: When I saw my daughter get the first certificate in my life, I was excited for a while, but I thought: Do n’t letDaughter is proud, as the saying goes: "Humility makes people progress, pride makes people lag behind." Encourage her and I hope she will get more awards in the future. I hope so. But who is perfect?

Gradually, I grew up. But my mother ’s love for me did not diminish, but she silently supported me behind her and cared for me. “I fell down and got to myself.” This is what my mother often tells meOne sentence. Every time I accidentally slipped out and got hurt outside, I used this sentence to encourage me. Even once, when I was in the second grade, she actually asked me to ask me to go home aloneRequest, the first thought I heard after that was that my mother didn't love me. On the way home, I walked alone, and suddenly a gust of wind blew my hat to the ground. I bent down and picked it up.Suddenly, I saw a very familiar figure quietly following me. My eyes lighted up, hey! What a mum? It turned out that she was always behind me, and I came home abruptly, watching the family use strangeStaring at me, I announced loudly: "I'm not the timid child anymore, I will go home alone!" "Really?" Everyone looked at each other, and I felt timid, because I knew,No matter what the difficulties, momI will always be with me together.

"A rich yesterday, a beautiful today, a hopeful tomorrow. Woven into the most beautiful year. May you go further and further along this long road in life." I will always remember it when my mother says it.