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Accounting Firm Internship Diary

Time: 2020-01-25 Recommended visit : Diary

Monday, February 18

I entered the accounting firm internship with anxiety. This is the first day of my internship. A little nervous! Some people say that the newborn calf is not afraid of tigers, but this is not appropriate for me. ImmediatelyLet it be, I can only comfort myself this way. Stepping into the office's door, I feel that there is a big difference between school and society. Under the sky of the campus, classmates are comfortable and happy, and in the university of societyIn China, it ’s a test of life, a measure of knowledge, and a test of will. When these problems emerge layer after layer, it ’s an evaluation of my own quality. I came to the audit department to report to the supervisor. The supervisor told me about auditThe operation of the ministry is divided into several parts and what to do! In the end, he asked me to study with Mr. Shen. The new working environment and the new role conversion. Since we decided to choose here, we must do everything well.I also made up my mind that I must do a good internship here and be one with my colleagues to live up to the expectations of those around us

Monday, February 25

When I first arrived at the accounting firm, I felt that my colleagues were very easy-going and got along well. I felt that the society was not as sinister as others said, and I was full of confidence in the society. The instructor of the accounting firm gave me a patient explanation.Regarding the general situation, scale, institutional settings, staffing, etc. of the firm, I realized that I can only know about the accounting firm as a whole. As for the specific internal details, it is not clear. In the auditWhen the department follows the internship of the master, it first looks at the account books. It must first review the accounts of the accounting year to be audited to check whether the accounts are correct. At the same time, it must also use the knowledge learned and the financial system of the audited company.Regulations, and the procedures to be followed to receive and pay cash. In particular, you must check whether the voucher is complete and the number is correct.

  Monday, March 4

Accounting firms generally work in the office. In addition to going to the audited company to check the accounts and enter the accounts, I am very lucky. On the third day of the internship, I can follow the masters to the company and watch the masters' operating procedures.I can learn a lot from myself, but now that the computer in the office is not enough, I have to carry my computer on my back, which is very tiring. Since I am new here and I am not familiar with business, the masters do not know how much I know about accounting.So I can only look at the accounts and enter information into the computer, and I have learned a lot from it. At least I am proficient in computer operation and more proficient in the application of forms. I have done my own thing and typed it next to the masters.Beat your hands, do some scattered work, watch them work so tired that they poured them water, see how they audit their accounts, how to adjust their accounts, and learn a lot.

Monday, March 11

The accounting firm will not go to work on Saturday and Sunday, this is the first day of my new week's work, a new day and a new start, and work hard.

Today, the work done in a company is similar to that done in the Tonghaoyuan, but the accounting of a company is that the accountant himself remembers that without a computer, the accountant's words are not good, so that the masters must look at her.Guess what she wrote. From here I realized that the word is very important. My word has always been bad. It seems to be a warning to me.

I did n’t learn any practical knowledge today, but it touched me deeply and was very important for my future work, especially the ugly characters, and the basic work of the accountant must be solid. The new day of internship is over, and I have learned a lot, You can definitely harvest more in the future, and continue to persist.

  Monday, March 18

Recently, the audit work of the Electrification Bureau Group is coming to an end. Our interns are not able to do the later work. All the masters and CPAs are busy. I can only read my books or stand behind the masters to see them.How to do it, there is nothing specific to do. It seems that I can't learn anything today, but by the afternoon, the audit report of Jinzhong Construction Group came out. I am responsible for sorting out their data and binding it, I know.

All the information needed to prepare the audit report, this is what I have learned today. The binding work is not easy to do. It must be neatly organized and done well. It seems that any simple thing must be meticulous.Can do it.

Monday, March 25

In terms of working hours, this is the first day of the week. Although I have been working on time for internships, the internship is still a stage of gradual understanding, familiarity and learning. These days will soon pass. Feeling of learningThere are so many things that I can't learn from books. The theory and practice are really a little different, and I'm happy and very fulfilled. Many people have practiced in accounting firms for some time, and some people think they have learned a lot.Some people find it a waste of time. In fact, not only internships, study, work and other aspects have two sides. Everyone has their own understanding. In fact, the key lies in how to grasp!

  Monday, April 1

This is the first day of my internship this week. I have been unaware of my internship in an accounting firm for almost a month. What I did last week were the simplest things, mainly watching and observing. Today, Teacher Shen toldI said that teaching me to adjust my account next time is the final step of the audit. It is very rare. I have to understand all aspects of the knowledge. I am worried that I will not learn. I will prepare well when I'm fine.Review, it should be very useful, prepare well! It's okay, you can. Believe that you can, don't be afraid.

Monday, April 8

I still have n’t learned anything new today. I still look at the accounts, sort out the accounting information, etc. I know that most of the time, accounting is doing the same things every day. Although we do the same things every day, we alsoIt should be serious and responsible, not perfunctory. Only when all things are done carefully and carefully can the overall perfect effect be achieved. Although I usually know that I have not yet begun to really work in accounting at school, but by studying,I already know its content and it will prevent it in the future.