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hide and seek diary composition

Time: 2020-01-25 Recommended visit : Diary

Spring is here. During the class, I saw the cherry blossoms on campus, the cherry trees are full of snow-white cherry blossoms, sometimes the wind blows, and it will rain cherry blossoms. It is very beautiful! I ca n’t help but call a partnerGo and play hide and seek together.

The partners agreed happily, "Stones, scissors, cloth! Stones, scissors, cloth!" We decided who to hide and who to find under the cherry tree. Haha! I won! A good friend started counting, and I and othersA few good friends hid in the corner to discuss which place is the most hidden. Everyone meditated hard. Finally, I thought of a way and said quietly: "He is a boy, he will definitely not go to the women's toilet, we will go to the women's toilet."Listen, laugh all, and say in unison: "OK!"

We quickly ran to the women's restroom, walked "cat step" up the stairs, and then fled into the door. We all showed half of our faces and looked at him looking away. Everyone covered his mouth and grinned. Finally heNo one was found, sitting on the stairs of the women's toilet with a buttock, like a chicken. We saw it, walked down the stairs lightly, and shouted "Hey!" Behind him, startled him, heWe gave up, we laughed and were very happy!

The bell rang, and we all ran back to the classroom happily. Only the cherry tree was still laughing secretly, laughing off the petals like snowflakes!