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Diary composition when teacher is absent

Time: 2020-01-24 Recommended visit : Diary

This week, our teacher Wang is on a business trip. In a flash, this week has passed, and time seems to have accelerated this week.

On the first day, we felt okay. At noon, we had a good meal. We were used to having that little bit of food and putting the food in front of Mr. Hua. I did not expect Mr. Hua to have a big appetite. He said, "So ordering food,To starve me, add a little more ... "

On the third day, something happened in my class. It should be said to be the first class quarrel. At that time we were practicing calligraphy. The administrator prescribed who was called three times who would come to the stage and say "I am a fool" again. As a result,It ’s really knowledgeable. Someone really came up and said. I think: It ’s too irrational. It ’s okay to read texts and copy texts. It ’s really hurting that person ’s self-esteem. But the administrator said, “WhoWhoever laughs again, go up and say it five times. "I didn't expect that the person who just said" I'm a fool "came to the podium, patted the podium vigorously, and shouted," I'm a fool, I'm a fool, I'm a fool ..."He even called five times, and patted the podium vigorously again, and walked back, alas, it was unreasonable. This is the thing, and it is slowly coming to an end.

Although we feel good and have less homework when the teacher is absent, there are many things that we cannot reasonably solve when we are not. In short, the week when the teacher is absent is not bad!