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Sports Diary Composition

Time: 2020-01-24 Recommended visit : Diary

Yesterday's rain, there was rain on the playground, I am worried that today's sports meeting will be affected, will not be delayed, let the first half of the class?

Worry is unnecessary, the game will proceed as usual.

As soon as I arrived at the class, Liu Lu and Zhang Ying told me that the principal had a self-study last night and said that there were only 4 people in the class, and they were also very clever. They said that I saw that their shoes were wet and let them go back to the bedroom first.The principal also asked them to tell me that he was chasing class, "What is it, a good guy does a good job, although I am not a good guy yet."

Today's game, the student's performance touched me even more: the women's performance in the project was not very good, they didn't get many decent scores, the girls were very embarrassed. Especially Ye Tiantian, I felt sad because I didn't get a decent scoreLiu Sai, in the relay, the girls did n’t get a good ranking, they were very angry, and they had to perform well in the relay.

Especially the men ’s 4 × 100 relay this afternoon is the most cruel and the most difficult to handle: Li Hao has done his best in the men ’s 1500 meters. I originally wanted him to give up, but he disagreed. And, because of hisThe 1500-meter performance is not good, the pressure is very heavy, the thought load is very heavy, I feel embarrassed to the class, and even tears of sadness, I have always apologized to me, I have been comforted. It is easy to calm down, Zhang Shu will find me immediately, Li HaoI have tried my best, the relay is not suitable for participation, and Guo Kaige strongly requested to participate, and I want to contribute to the class. I immediately went to do Li Hao ’s work, but he just did not listen. In the end, I only had to deal with it by force and let him withdrawNext. Who knows, he is still on the court! It was discussed with Ma Zhuang, Ma Zhuang gave up. This surprised me and was very moved: know that no matter who is in the game, the first is that there will be no problemsIt's about your honor, who would give up so easily? The result was as expected, we won the first place with absolute advantage, Li Hao also proved himself, out of this bad breath. When I came back to take pictures, I deliberately pulled on the horseIt was his withdrawal that fulfilled Li Hao, which is beyond the reach of ordinary people. Luo Jingqin was injured in the match and his leg was bruised. The students surrounded him and washed him the wound.The running of the medical room attracted the attention of many students. The kind of unity and brotherhood are very touching.

Actually, at the beginning of the game, I almost said that Zhang Shuhui was just busy organizing others to participate, and he did not participate in anything. Fortunately, they did not say that their brother not only reported the project, but also asked for excellent, 100, 200 meters.It ’s a good hand. I really responded to the sentence: "The mind is not simple, the limbs are very developed."

Even Ma Zhuang makes me ashamed: I usually do n’t look at students with colored glasses, but Ma Zhuang is an exception, because he has never been in a state of study and has been noisy. At the games, I finally saw his strengths, And the good deeds of taking care of the overall situation and fulfilling others, I really have to change my opinion about him!

The two-day competition has made me see the difference of this class of students: they are united, they work hard, they are willing to give, they are positive. This is more a manifestation of their ability than a spirit of theirs: collectiveThe interests are the most important, and the collective is always the first. They let me see many of my deficiencies and let me improve a lot. I do n’t know enough about their ideas. Many of my practices still need to be improved. They also changed me includingThe traditional view of many people: the liberal arts students are not good. Such students are the best! Such students are also the most promising! No matter how, this will be part of our good memories, it will be our newThe starting point !!!!!!