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Diary of Sango Family Park

Time: 2020-01-24 Recommended visit : Diary

Today, I went to Sanxiang Family Park in Zhongshan with my family. Every day I think of it here to see flowers and plants, farm food, small gardens, as well as large playgrounds, fishing grounds ...

As soon as you enter the paradise, you can see the colorful trumpet flowers in bloom, as if to say to us: "Welcome here!" There are already many children in the playground climbing up and down like little monkeys.The itchy feet started to climb, moving their muscles and butterflies, butterflies flying around, birds playing in the sky, and the fatigue of the week suddenly relieved a lot.

Later, we went to the vegetable field to pick tomatoes. The vegetables here did not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The workers burned the dead leaves and scattered them in the fields. They also fermented the chicken and duck dung and put them in the fields.Therefore, the vegetables here are not good-looking but delicious. Every time we come here, we have to pick a lot of vegetables to take home. I take the basket to find the red and big tomatoes, and I pick a full one soon.Basket, very fulfilling!

In the setting sun, we are leaving here again. In my mind, the farm is a charming place. Although it is inconspicuous, I always want to come here when I am tired and unhappy.

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