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Diary for Mother's Day

Time: 2020-01-24 Recommended visit : Diary

Sunday, June 12, XX weather: sunny

Today is Mother's Day , I wish the mother and my mother happy holidays.

Mom, thank you for giving me a pair of bright eyes for me to observe the world; thank you for giving me a small mouth that can speak and taste delicious food; thank you for giving me a pair of strong legs and letting me goThroughout this beautiful world.

As the saying goes: Father's love is the mountain, mother's love is the sea. With the protection of the mountains and the moisture of the sea, I can grow happily and happily in this colorful world.

Mom, thank you for your recent years. You ’ve been wearing my clothes all day, cold or cold, not hot, and you came to my room quietly at night, covering my quilt, youAlas, around me anytime, anywhere.

The loving mother ’s hands are on the line, and you are wearing a coat. I ’m in a tight seam, I ’m afraid I will be late. Whoever speaks carelessly and reports San Chunhui, writing a poem fully expresses the great training of children. Now I am in third grade,I look at the certificate on the wall of my house, my heart is full of pride. Mom thank you for the training in these years, and here I want to say to you again: Happy Holidays!