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Excellent composition: Chinese dream, my dream

Time: 2020-02-03 Recommended visit : About my composition

The bits and pieces of history are like sand and shells scattered on the large sandy beach. I walked quietly and looked greedily at these crystalline treasures. Sometimes I picked up one or two shells that touched my heart and sent out a dream.Squat down. Chinese dream, flowing in the years.

There is a vicissitudes of shells on the beach, that is the story of 5,000 years in China. From Huang Di ’s history to today, we read history, I see too many deeds, every Chinese person has the sameChinese dream. Rich and strong! Rich and strong! Chinese dream slogan Continuing. The Chinese dream flows through every day, every night, every Chinese heart. No matter how difficult it is, earthquakes, mudslides, floods, there will still be successful smiles after vicissitudes. Going forward, counting the romanticPeople, look at the present. Collect every Chinese dream that has flowed through the years, fight the world, and build a lifelong dream.

There is a shiny shell on the beach, that is the story of the successful launch of the Chinese Olympic Games, World Expo, Chang'e 2. When bursts of applause sounded like a thunder, and when the world looked up to China, I know that China's light has alreadySpreading in every corner of the world. The Chinese dream is still going on, our vision is still persevering, and we silently give our own meager power. This is a dream, a Chinese dream, a dream deeply hailed by every ChineseI look up at every struggling figure under the medal with my heart, listen to every footstep near the Chinese dream, lean over to hold the honor that has flowed through the years, salute my hands, and shout out my Chinese dream.

There is a remembered shell on the beach, that is the story of the Chinese who are staying outside. I clearly see that some people are visiting a foreign country, but they are carrying Chinese soil with them. Some people are calling for long live China before the Olympic Games, and some people are"I am a Chinese, we all share a dream, she is called the Chinese dream!" Yes, that is our Chinese dream, a belief, a nostalgia, a struggle, everywhere.The taste of the Chinese dream. Even in a foreign country, we can still hum the melody of the national anthem, with the motherland in mind, remember the Chinese dream, and strive to create a better future.

The tide rises and falls, I sit on the large sandy beach, looking at the rich and powerful China in front of me, the sun shines on me through the clouds. I stood up, the corners of my mouth opened slightly, with a strong, oneA glory, a memory, gently picking up a few shells, cherishing them, encouraging yourself, ready to plant the Chinese dream, and create a better future.

Chinese dream, my dream!