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Mother's love composition to me

Time: 2020-02-03 Recommended visit : About my composition

"There is only a mother in the world." When I hear this song, I think of my mother's love for me.

One day, it will be drizzling soon after school, when I get out of school, it will start

Plenty of rain, so I hurried to my mother, and the mother gave me the green umbrella, which is a shy lotus-shaped umbrella, so I took the umbrella with my motherWhen we got home, when we got to station 102, my stomach became hungry. I looked around and saw a small shop with all kinds of snacks. I handed my umbrella to my mother.Tell my mother that I want to eat the tenderloin in the shop, so the mom took a dollar from my pocket and gave it to me, and I bought a bunch of tenderloin. When we got home, let ’s take a lookRespective clothes, mom's clothes are all wet, third grade primary school Composition "Composition Parents' Love."

On a hot summer day, I went home from noon after school. Just after I changed shoes, I saw a small bowl on the table. Oh, it turned out to be a bowl of watermelon.When I saw my father return to eat watermelon, I spit out a lot of watermelon seeds, but my watermelon did not have watermelon seeds.

What the hell is going on?

From here I gradually felt: the love of parents is selfless and priceless.