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my mother's composition 550 words

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my mother translate1172 550 words

my mother is ordinary Family Women. A black head and a little white hair because of toil; a tall nose bridge; the mouth speaks like a machine gun, and it keeps on talking.

Every day when she is going to school, she will say, "Is everything ready?" Before going to bed every day, my mother will always say, "Is my schoolbag ready!" Before the exam, my mother will give me "drums"Start, cheer up", "Are you confident in taking the test well?", "See the questions well, read them clearly, don't rush to answer the questions; check them carefully after you finish them!" Mother chattering ...Alas, I can finish the assignments assigned by the teacher with high quality again and again; I get good grades in the exam again and again. All of this is inseparable from my mother's ability.

Although my mother is not a "big doctor", a "little doctor" is perfectly fine and is best at "ophthalmology."

The charm of the computer is infinite, but my eyes are upset: I had an operation when I was 4 or 5 years old. Now I ’ve made it again, so unlucky! So, my mother strictly controls my Internet time. I always want toWhile my mother isn't watching for a while. Once, when my Internet time has reached its maximum, it happens that the entire family is only me, so I watched it for a while. But the mother still knows. It turns out that my mother saw that my eyes were not right--The skin around my eyes blinked and wrinkled. The second time, I learned the lesson from the last time and tried to control the eyes as much as possible. I secretly thought, "Hey, look at how my mother found this time." But mineThe wishful thinking abacus was wrong again and was still noticed by her mother. She said, "I touched the computer and it turned out to be hot. And you, you made the last mistake again." Hey, I still couldn't escape in the endOut of the "magic palm" of the mother.