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excellent composition of boasting classmates

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It was in the first grade. One day, I invited Fang Wei to come to my house to play. I accidentally pulled out a beautiful picture book from a pile of old books while playing, and we were exquisitely drawn on the book.Attracted, each of the "Lotus", "Watermelon", "Little Duck" and "Little Bird" is vividly painted. Fang Wei and I said in unison: "Let's draw too." So we took itPen and paper, and draw intently.

I will finish painting in a few moments. I feel that I am painting well, and I ca n’t help but be proud. Turning my head to see Fang Wei ’s painting, this look can frighten me. Is this Fang Wei ’s painting, onlySeeing the "lotus" leaping on paper, my painting is really a thousand and eighty miles away from her. You can see the blossoming lotus in some buds: some of them are full of flowers, they are almost the same as the real ones.At this time, Fang Weizheng carefully painted lotus leaves, and a small drop of water on the lotus leaves seemed to roll.

"It's so good!" I shouted, clapping my hands. Fang Wei was startled by my shout, his hands shaking, and a stroke across the painting, bad! Because of my negligenceDestroyed Fang Wei ’s hard-worked painting. Now I can become a “sinner of all ages”, Fang Wei will definitely scold me as a dog. What to do, what to do? I apologize quickly:"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I didn't do it on purpose." "I know, it's okay, I won't have to draw another one." It was beyond my expectation. Fang Wei said such a word with tolerance, she not onlyI didn't blame me, but comforted me. I quickly brought another piece of paper and repainted with Fang Wei happily.

"The Prime Minister can support the ship" Fang Wei really looks like such a small "Prince Minister". It admires me and makes me unforgettable. Her broad heart has become an example for me to learn and has benefited me a lot.

Unfortunately it's too short, only 5 minutes! Come, my brother teaches you. Boast classmates' flash point 650 words Composition I immediately got up and poured her a cup of brown sugar water, and my mother hugged my shoulder and smiled happily. "He really believed it, and immediately ran to see if it was! Because everyone likes playing with computers, but everyone canDon't forget that the computer is a double-edged sword. After filling three large glasses of water with a big mouth, I finally no longer feel spicy.