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Friend's composition example

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"Let's cut it off." When she said this expression blankly, I stayed.

The warm liquid ran down the corner of my eyes, ran across my cheeks, dripped on the icy marble floor, and splashed an equally cold water splash.

"You're kidding, right?" I tried to hold back my crying and spit out such a sentence.

"No, we are finished." She was still expressionless, as if she was talking about an insignificant matter. But I felt that the world was spinning, time seemed to be still, and her head was full of what she had just said-"Let's cut it off." "No, we're done." ...

She turned away and didn't even tell me goodbye.

I leaned against the wall and wept bitterly ...


When I first entered the junior high school, I knew that our friendship had deteriorated. Although I tried my best to save it, it still melted slowly like summer cream ice cream, leaving only a pool of water stains in the end.

At that time, I went to the class next door to find her with joy, but heard that she was talking about me with her new friends. A long-haired girl asked "What do you think of A?" "Stupid and dull, unresponsiveAlas, laughter around, the little-eyed girl said, "Did you not be particularly good with A when you were in elementary school? How do you say her now!" I snorted and said, "With her nerd like thisGood friend? Don't make fun! My best elementary school is C! "The girls seemed to want to keep asking, but the bell rang at this time, and they had to return to their seats with disappointment, and I went back in despair.classroom.

She is a goddess and a girlfriend in my mind, but I am just a stupid, dull and unresponsive nerd in her heart! What a sarcastic contrast! I regard her as a treasure, but I in her heartWorthless!

Heart, as if torn at that moment.

"Little A, we want to be together forever!"

"Well, stay together forever!"

That's our promise.

Late night, I gently rubbed the photo.

On the film, the two girls in shorts and shorts smiled like flowers. Then, it was me and her who used to be.

That summer, I sneaked out with her and played outside for a whole day. We asked a passerby to take this picture for us. Remember that passerby also sighed; "What a pure and beautiful friendship, you guysI was so lucky to meet each other! "I and she both smiled silly, their eyes were full of happiness.

And now?

Sadness, anger, pain ... a variety of emotions mixed together, like a tide came to me. I actually tear the photo!

The crisp sound of paper tears made me suddenly wake up.

What about now? At least we used to be our best friends, at least we cried and laughed together, and spent a wonderful childhood together!

Even if we are no longer friends now, and even if her impression of me is bad, I only need to keep my memory at the most beautiful moment.

Which year and day, Xia Hua is gorgeous, you and I still smile.