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  about friends

Yangnan Middle School, Yingkou City, Liaoning Province

I am 13 years old this year, and I have countless friends. This is the most pleasant thing in these short 13 years.

As a child, because of some unsatisfied expectations and the ridicule of classmates from time to time, I often complained about the injustice of the world. Now that I am a middle school student, I really feel that life is tense and rich,The competition is fierce and cruel. However, at this time, I no longer have the idea of ​​avoiding. Because, "in the distance," I have many good friends.

Good friend, there is no need to contact every day, because in each other's heart, there is a continuous thread involved; good friend, always willing to open his arms and completely accept the imperfect me; good friend, who is not afraid of the coldCourage; good friend, stay with me through fragility and confusion ...

In this world, some people keep their distance deliberately, but long for the closeness of others; Some people first want to estimate the harvest, and pay for it; Some people want to be loved, but they do n’t want to love themselves.It is impossible to get love! So, I try to do something with my own little strength, I hope that love will always reverberate between people! Finally, I found that as long as I love the world with my heart, I care for everyoneLove me, nothing can stump me!

A good friend told me: "Time is fleeting, young, only once!"

A good friend told me: "If you want happiness, you must put down nostalgia and sadness!"

A good friend told me: "Live and be happy, don't put too much burden on yourself, there is no joy in such a life!"

A good friend told me: "Anyone who is good at adjusting himself is the real strong!"

Thanks to my friends for their help and encouragement, I know that they have been watching me silently, rejoicing for every little progress I have made, and worrying for every setback I have encountered. I wish IDidn't let them down-I'll stick to my own journey and never end!