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Mom, you worked hard to write

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My mother is a normal person Family Housewife. She is not tall, her eyes are big, her nose is tall, her mouth is small, and her facial features are perfectly matched. Her mother is thin and thin. She is very hardworking and waits for me every morning.I have already prepared breakfast. When I finish eating breakfast, my mother will always ride me to school.

Once, when I came back from school at noon and saw my mother was lying in bed, I asked, "Mom, what's wrong with you?" Mom said, "I'm not comfortable today. Remember to go to school after you eat."Turning on the TV and watching it with interest, I forgot my mother's words and watched TV wholeheartedly. Suddenly, I heard my mother shouting, "Son, why haven't you been to school yet, the time for school has passed!"Mom, what should I do? "Mom said," I'll give you away! "I saw my mother's forehead sweating and breathing quickened. I said to Mom:" Mom, let me go! "MomSay: "It's okay, I'll be here soon." When I got to school, I saw my mother's complexion, but she still smiled at me.

Another time, I remember that it was a winter night. I went to bed after finishing my homework. That night was very quiet and there was no sound. However, after a while, I heard heavy footsteps passing by the door of my room., Followed by the sound of a stream of water, and then I heard the sound of who was washing clothes. I walked to the bathroom with curiosity, and looked secretly at the door. I saw my mother lying on the bed washing me on the small benchClothes, I walked in and said: "Mom, it's so cold at night, how do you get out of bed to wash our clothes? Besides, you are also ill! Quickly, don't wash, I help you to go to bed." I liftedMom, my hands are suddenly cold. I let go of my mother, squatted down, put my hands in the basin, the water was so cool, so cool, on such a cold night, my mother was washing clothes with such cold water, I stoodLook at my mother ’s hand, it ’s frozen, and I cried aloud when I held my mother ’s hand ...

Mom, I have combined the words I want to say to you into one sentence, that is: "Mom, you worked hard, and I will definitely repay you when I grow up!"