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Great Teacher Composition

Time: 2020-01-09 Recommended visit : About the teacher's composition

Part One: The Great Teacher

I have seen a story in the newspaper, it is like a pearl in the gravel in my memory. Although the erosion of the years never stops, this pearl is always so dazzling.

The story happened on the extraordinary 2008, the extraordinary May 12, it was a day that shocked the whole of China and shocked the whole world. On that afternoon, a huge earthquake of magnitude 0.8 occurred in Sichuan.

The earth roared like crazy, like a roaring lion, and the landslide was unstoppable. In a classroom in Shifang Longju Elementary School, the students who were intensively attending the class panicked, crying, screaming, chaosInto one piece.

I do n’t know who shouted “Earthquake.” Students rushed towards the door of the classroom with you. The chandelier on the ceiling began to swing arbitrarily. They were standing on the podium only two or three steps away from the classroom doorDear teacher. The teacher is wearing pink sandals without a trace of panic.

"Students, don't squeeze, don't panic, the students in the back go out the back door, the students in the front go out from the front door, hurry!" The teacher calmly directed the students to evacuate.

Looking at the classmates, one by one ran to the playground, one after another lived life was guaranteed, the teacher's dangling heart was finally relieved.

The teaching building began to tremble, began to groan painfully, began to stand unsteadily, and leaned. At this time, the teacher suddenly found that two other students were helpless and stood on the seat blankly. Although the bricks and rubble continued to fallCome, but the teacher did n’t think much, she took two steps in three steps, ran over, hugged one with one hand, and rushed towards the door. What should n’t happen finally happened, the school building suddenly collapsed, she and several students wereBuried in the rubble ...

The sky has long been touched by such a teacher, and it is pouring downpour. The rescue crane made a huge roar, and the firefighters and soldiers were faintly illuminated by the flashlight and the headlights.

A pair of pink sandals are particularly eye-catching among the rubble, "There must be someone underneath!" The firefighters definitely said.

"Come out" The body of a female teacher was presented in front of everyone. There were two students in her warm embrace. The officers and soldiers looked serious and saluted the great teacher together. Everyone knows that one day ago, hereWhat a touching thing happened.

This great teacher is only 21 years old. Her life is like a flower just blooming. Her life is just beginning happily. She should enjoy the spring breeze in March and enjoy the sunshine and rain! When the earthquake happened, sheJust step out of the classroom door, two more steps, and rush to the corridor, you can avoid the crashing floor and escape from the corridor! She can let her flower of life continue to bloom. But at the point of life and death, she resolutely protects the students,I did n’t care about myself and let her flower of life die. But I believe her spirit will never die! Although the two students in her arms stopped breathing, she did n’t fail. The moment the classroom collapsed, thatThe two students must have felt the great love of the teacher.

This story is like the pearl in the gravel, the teacher's great spirit will always be so dazzling.

Part Two: The Great Teacher

Today, we watched a literary performance to celebrate Teachers ’Day. Many wonderful programs on the stage are memorable. Among them, the dance" We Come To Brush Your Teeth "by Peizhi School is the most touching.

The show started, I looked around and saw a dozen children in red clothes and green pants are jumping around a giant toothpaste and a giant toothbrush. They formed a circle in a while, and then againLined up; sometimes standing and swaying, sometimes sitting and rolling again ... The movement is extremely skilled, I do n’t know which teacher cultivated it. Suddenly, I found a teacher doing the movement on the stage, and the children were staringThis teacher, the better the jump, the better we ca n’t help clapping. I wondered: What is this teacher doing? At this time, I heard someone beside me saying: This group of deaf children is not easy! I was stunned and looked at them with smiles like flowers. I couldn't think of them as deaf children. It is really not easy to guide this group of deaf children to discharge such a good program.The teacher must have spent a lot of hard work.

Watching this program, my heart is full of respect for the teacher, yes, if the teacher is a gardener, then we are flowers and trees; the teacher is the ocean, we are happy fish; the teacher is the mother of the earth, we areSeed baby. The teacher gives us lectures and assignments every day ... let us learn more knowledge. Sometimes, we will arbitrarily make trouble with the teacher because of a little thing, but the teacher will not care about us, butTell us a lot of truths until we realize our mistakes.

The teacher is hard, great, and selfless. Here I want to say to the beloved teacher: "Teacher, you worked hard, and I will always thank you!"