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"Father's Back" composition sample text

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I do n’t remember how old it is, it should be a long time!

That's when I walked out of the school after the class. It was raining in autumn. The air was a bit cold, the wind was not strong, but it was piercing.

Oops, will anyone pick me up without an umbrella? I thought to myself. In this weather, my mother will let my father pick me up. Unsurprisingly, a bicycle crossed the road and came to me..Come up! My father shouted in a raincoat. I hurried forward a few steps and jumped into the rear seat. Just listen to my father said; come in fast! I lifted up my raincoat, but soon hesitated, no! This rainThere are no more than two people in clothes. When I go in, I will only inject wind into it, and my father will catch cold. Do n’t worry about that much, come in quickly, the outside wind is so bitter, hurry up! I know my father has a bad temper, if IIf he doesn't go in, he will definitely take off his raincoat and give it to me, so he has to lower his head to get in.

Seriously, the inside is really warm. I ca n’t see the outside. I can only judge the outside from the ground: I ’ve crossed the road, turned, and I ’ve never felt this way for a long time. When I was young,When I go to kindergarten, sometimes it ’s raining. If my father comes to pick me up, like this, I ’m in the same raincoat with my father, I just feel that the car is shaking, and I have to lean on my father ’s back from time to time. At this time, II felt that my father's back was so wide and thick, and there was a burst of warmth. Listening to the sound of rain outside, breathing of myself and my father, talking to my father, I just felt that my father was the most kind,I do n’t know if it ’s because of the environment or the weather. At this time, this mood seems so strong. But this mood is not common.

A violent bump brought me back to reality. Did the car get pumped up? I asked. It hit, it was quite good, the road was too bad! Father said. I said: It seems the car is too old.Not only this, you are also big, it's not that we both add up!

Yes, I am too old, but my father is old. Think of how you treat your father on a weekday, there is a feeling of guilt.

Remember when I was a kid, under the dim light of street lights, I would always fall asleep on a bicycle, because I have a solid and warm support-my father ’s back. My father just silently accompanied me through these tenYears of life. Thank you, my beloved father! Let me enjoy this unforgettable time! It will be the most beautiful memory in my heart.

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