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550 characters for father and son

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Shot 1: The watchman on the field received a notice from the school about the opening of a parent-teacher meeting, and he was very excited. Because he was ready to see his son's outstanding grades again at the parent-teacher meeting. He took the sickle and bentBody, holding a large amount of rice in his left hand, wielding a sickle quickly and vigorously in his right hand. Anxious to harvest the rice immediately, and sell the rice milled into white flowers in exchange for his son's food. He was over half a year old, and his sonBut he was very angry. It was all his pride. Because he felt that it didn't matter how hard and tired he was for his son. He stopped and wiped his sweaty face with the rotten towel on his shoulders, and the groove-like wrinkles on his forehead were here.It is clearly visible from time to time. In the warm sunlight, he stands as a statue.

Shot 2: When the smoker in the Internet cafe saw the test results, he froze for a long time. He remembered his father who worked hard at home early and returned late, his eyes flickered slightly. This half semester cameHe began to learn to smoke, drink, and go to an Internet cafe to skip class. He dared to run against the class teacher's kindness. At this moment, the Internet cafe was full of deafening game sounds and exciting cheers. Some people are now intently talking about QQ.There was a crisp 嘀嘀 嘀 QQ sound, there was a rattling of the keyboard, and some people played Internet songs on the computer at a high volume. He played the game intently, and spit out a plume of smoke from time to time.On the computer screen, it spread violently into a thick cloud-like mist. As the parent association approached, he could only vent his emotions by indulging in the virtual network. This has gradually become his one.A habit.

Shot 3: At this moment, at this moment's parent meeting, the father is sitting in the son's seat, like other parents, listening carefully to the class teacher's examination summary. The son quietly stands by the window outside the classroom, watching silentlyThe head teacher sent a single report to the parents.