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praise father's excellent composition

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Singing to my father is to describe his father's strictness and strength with a majestic mountain. My father is a strong father. He has always been tempting me. Although he is not a tough mountain, he is still a heart in my heart.Mountain, the highest mountain.

When I was young, I did n’t go out often and stayed at home because of bad health. The people at home called me hens to lay eggs, and I did n’t know why, so I got a title. Because of my inactivity, I alwaysIt ’s a kind of crepe, I do n’t like talking everywhere, and I do n’t eat as much as other boys. I always eat slowly. When adults see this, they all say that I am like a girl..

After about a few days, Dad I thought of a way to make me lively, but I have no great interest in it, but when my father said that this way can make me no longer like a little girl, my interest suddenly burst when I heard here.

After lunch, my dad walked quietly to me and said to me: You will slip out with me in the afternoon. I do n’t know why the word slipped in my dad ’s words, probably my mom is afraid of me playing wild and not doing businessYeah. In the afternoon, Dad took me out as scheduled, and I followed behind Dad when I went out, fearing that I might be lost.

After a while, my dad took out a badminton racket and a badminton trick like a joke, let me play with him. I do n’t know how to play this thing, and no ball was sent out. I saw my dad sigh,I also smiled awkwardly, my dad can only teach me.

Probably because I was too stupid, my dad would n’t teach me how to do it. Even drawing a gourd is a failure. Why did my dad exercise a lot? I took a lot of jogging in the morning; teach me to skip rope at noon; afternoonTeach me badminton; teach me to press my legs at night, and I do n’t stop for a moment. My father ’s teaching is not in vain. I gradually became lively and played with my classmates. My father was more pleased to see my lively.

After growing up, my father left me to work in the city to make money. I couldn't help crying. My father called every day to ask about the situation at home and said he was fine. Actually, I knew my father long agoIt was very hard. At the beginning of the junior high school, my study was not very good. I know that the best way to reward my father is to learn. I can only use learning to reward my father.

I got the first grade in the Chinese language test, physics is also full marks, but math and English will not work. Dad is not blamed, because he also knows that I have improved. Dad still continues to encourage, he also told me that learning is to promoteHe is motivated to work. I heard my heart all over here.

The father who used to be full of spring light has been aging with the passage of time, his father's youth was stolen by a thief, and is this thief who stole his father's youth not a me with inactive grades?