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Composition to Father

Time: 2020-02-03 Recommended visit : My dad's composition

How much tears did the man shed for me? I do n’t know, I just felt that he loved me so much and was willing to give me his world. Then, I became his only world.

I remember when he was young, he raised me high and sat on his shoulder. On his shoulder, I saw farther away. He pinched my face with his big rough hands and said to me: "WaitWhen you grow up, let's go there and play, OK? "

I remember the first time he took me to kindergarten, he was riding a motorcycle, and I was sitting in front of him. I buried my head in his arms and wept bitterly, he smiled and bought me a lollipop.I gave it to the teacher and accompanied the smiling face to let the teacher take care of me. But I was just sitting there alone, licking the lollipop, waiting for him to take me home.

I remember crying for my grades for the first time in the first grade. He sat at the bed and looked at me with a strong smile. He still said it did n’t matter. At that moment, what did he think in his heart?Mocking at the child who scored 76 points because he copied the test paper at the same table?

I remember he came to my performance in the fourth grade and cheered me up in the background. Actually it was not necessary, it was just a small party in the town. But he kept cheering for me. At that time I was thinking, I haveIs that weak?

I remember when my brother was in high school in high school, he pressed me on the dinner table and said a big deal like an old man. Later, I cried and cried so that I was baffled myself. He stopped and just said "I believe you."

I remember he took me to participate in the independent admissions of high school. He was more nervous than me. He talked a lot, and I listened impatiently. He hoped that I would succeed, but, I failed. HeLong-winded and talked a big pass, "How many people can recruit students, let's go home to take the entrance exam!" He is more confident than me.

I remember when he was in the middle school entrance exam, he did n’t say anything. He was waiting for me in front of the school, and he drove me home when he was finished. He did n’t ask anything or say anything when eating, sleeping, and taking an exam. He believedI, he dare not say, afraid of affecting me.

But I made him cry and cried for me. That day, he told my mother was pregnant. At that time I was thinking, I guessed so many days, you are finally willing to tell me. He asked me what I thought, IShaking his head, "What does it have to do with me." But when the voice came out, I was so choked that I was surprised. The tears slipped over my face again, and I couldn't help it. I was still amazed at how my tear glands were so developed, he turned his headSay: "What do you cry, I want to cry if you cry." The first time I saw the man's fragile appearance, he cried.

"Don't cry, you cry Dad Also crying. The man choked to me.

But I ca n’t control my tears. If I did n’t ask for half a year, he told me personally. I thought that I could adjust my emotions. When he told me, he said dashingly, “That ’s with meIt does n’t matter what relationship you love. "But I still lied to myself.

There is an inexplicable grievance in my heart. At that moment, it burst out like a torrent, crushing myself and the man's strong heart.

Later, no one mentioned this matter.

Many literati like to call that man "Father", but I always feel that the word "Father" gives me an old feeling. It seems that if I read this word, I can see the wrinkles on his forehead, mixed in the blue silkWhite hair, big rough hands, and shoulders I used to make.

It seems to be called "Daddy", and Daddy will be younger.

The man changed from "father" to "father" for me.

Sorry, Dad.

Dad, I love you.

Happy Father's Day!