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Class Story

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"Report! Report! Please invite all the teachers in the fifth grade class to the office. The report is complete!"




    别班的 Teacher I heard that I ran faster than the plane and entered our classroom at once, oh! No! It ’s a grocery market! Immediately reprimanded and said, "If you are so noisy again, I will talk to your teacher about thisTo put it bluntly, you are finished, you better taut your skin. "Everyone was so scared that their faces were discolored, and they were so frightened that they rushed into the urine, and they were ashamed immediately.

    大家再也不敢出声。过了不久,老师回来了,老师说:“是不是很吵?” Leader It seems that there is suffering. The teacher said, "It must be!" The class leader smiled. Suddenly, the teacher from the next class came and whispered, and the teacher was angry. Tonight, we have three more homework assignments, and we are done..Because it was very noisy, I was punished, and everyone stayed up late. I think this is the time when the teacher is away, everyone is so proud that the beggar asks Huang Lian-the consequences of suffering.