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550 memorable narratives of elementary school life

Time: 2019-11-24 Recommended visit : narrative

Time flies, Bai Ku has a gap, and six years of elementary school life is coming to an end. If you think about it, these six years have condensed into a colorful picture, which is really unbearable!

For six years, the teachers and classmates who accompanied me have brought me too many memories. Although there are bitters and sweets, they are all worthy of my collection.

Once, I had a conflict with a good friend, and said a lot of unpleasant and sad words. Later, we reflected on each other, and we were happy. Since then, we have never quarreled, and we have been together all day.Talking and laughing, inseparable. However, I still want to say sorry to her, thank her for being forgiving, because I am a bit indifferent to others, and I have been working hard to correct it. I hope we cherish this unforgettable friendship in the last days.

Dear teacher, in the past few years you have broken your heart for us. But the naughty we often make you angry and sad, please forgive us, in fact we love you very much. I hope you can be happy in the days without us, When you remember, just remember 44 innocent smiley faces and humorous words, I believe we will miss you then.

Lovely Longgang, facing you and me with mixed feelings. It is you who turned me from the original introverted little girl into a self-confident teenager. Because of meeting you, my life has changed direction, and you are the cradle of talent cultivation., The sacred garden for studying. You have given us an elegant learning environment, given us a lot of development space, provided excellent teachers and quality education, so that each student's life path is full of sunshine. On behalf of all Longgang students,Your highest thanks.

Graduation That is, I will carry on with my teacher, classmates, gratitude to school and parents' expectations. Four years of unforgettable primary school life in Longgang is my most beautiful and beautiful memory.