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Autumn morning elementary school narrative

Time: 2019-11-21 Recommended visit : narrative

I love the spring full of vitality and flowers, and the autumn full of fruits, but I love the autumn morning more. It is pure, cool and exciting.

Early in the morning, I carried my schoolbag and walked happily towards the school. You see, the clouds in the distance are so white and moving slowly, the thin mist is like a gauze enveloped on the ground. AutumnThe air in the morning seemed to be filtered, and it was exceptionally fresh. I took a few deep breaths, ah! Very comfortable, the yellow leaves fell on the trees beside the road, like yellow butterflies flying happily in the air. IPick up a leaf at will and use it as a bookmark and specimen. Only the pine and cypress is still so green. Listen, the sprinkler is singing the beautiful "" Birthday Song, there are two water pipes like a faucet at both ends of the sprinkler, which washed the ground spotlessly.

Passing through Seongnam Park, I saw many elderly people exercising in the park. Some of them are dancing happily, some are practicing sword seriously, some are playing drums and some are walking leisurely. Young people ridingIn a bicycle, they hurried to work hurriedly. The pupils were in groups of three, two in groups, and happily walked to the school. The hardworking uncles and aunts took the broom to sweep the fallen leaves and gave people a beautiful environment.

Xiaguang becomes deeper and deeper, and the pink clouds in the sky gradually change to deep red, which is really eye-catching. A red sun slowly rises from the east. At this time, the young pioneer team song came from the campus, on both sides of the campus entranceStanding four ceremonial demonstration team members wearing red silk ribbons, they said "good morning" in English when they saw the teacher. When they saw the classmates, they asked early. When they entered the school gate, there was a smell of fragrance, ah! Chrysanthemum, chrysanthemumRed looks like fire, white looks like snow, yellow looks like gold, pink looks like glow. Some of them are like hydrangea, some are like curly hair, and some are like dragon claws, spelling a colorful autumn picture.

Ah! In the autumn morning, you urge people to move forward, and you are fierce people to greet a bright future.