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An unforgettable travel elementary narrative

Time: 2019-11-21 Recommended visit : narrative

July 23 this year, because Dad The company held a two-day playground event, which gave me the opportunity to have a good time at the playground during the summer vacation.

At about five o'clock this morning, our party went to the alley to wait for the tour bus to pick us up. As soon as we got on the bus, we found that many people also signed up for this event. When I had breakfast in the car, I was atMy heart secretly ecstasy, because my mother was going to work, my sister did not attend the junior middle school class, so I was about to show off to them when I came home! But as soon as I was on the road, I started to regret it, because hereIt's a famous section that is prone to motion sickness. Although I try hard not to make myself motion sick, even if I stare out of the window or stay closed with eyes closed, it wo n’t help. After a long way, I did n’t expect toWalking on the cliffs of clear water! I almost vomited while passing by the clear water. Fortunately, I had to take the motion sickness medicine in advance. After various difficulties, we finally left the torture of clear water. As soon as I arrived at the playground, I immediately saw a green field., And the steam train, it's refreshing.

The first thing you must do when going to the playground is rafting. As soon as you get there, the narrator will explain how to use the life jacket. In an instant, we will set off. At first, the water flow is very slow and it is very suitable for watching the scenery, butAfter that, the water flow gradually accelerated. It turned out that we were going through the first rapids. Because of the undulating relationship, the water flow became more turbulent. Although my clothes were all wet after passing, I still felt fun. Along the way, we passed eightNine major rapids, and buffaloes! We unknowingly have played until 3 or 4 pm. After taking a shower, we set off to eat in the restaurant. After dinner, it is today ’s highlight-sea night.Fishing activity. When it was difficult to get to the sea, the sky was dark, and the staff quickly taught us how to use fishing rods. As soon as I got the fishing rod, I was fantasizing: I am a god fisherman and I have fished all kinds of big fish. But fantasyIt's still an illusion. After an hour, I did n’t even catch a fish! At dinner time, there was delicious food on the table, but I could n’t touch or eat it becauseI was scared, scared to faint.