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A narrative of an unforgettable experience for elementary school students

Time: 2019-11-21 Recommended visit : narrative

Today is the beginning of a stressful excitement, because today is the "tour reading" in other classes. A few days before reading, I kept practicing to master the speed of reading, and also constantly training the tone, because if you do not have these conditions when reading, It is impossible to win a prize.

When going to read in another class, the teacher reminded us to be polite and told us to observe the rules. The whole class said in unison: "Okay!" After that, everyone went to read in another class.

On the way to the third grade of the fourth grade, my body was shaking steadily. I kept reminding myself not to be too nervous, but the body did not listen to it. By the third grade of the fourth grade, our three students in the same group were at the doorHesitated for a while before going in; I saw the classmates in the four-year class are reading hard. At this time, I thought: our classmates in the second class in four years can do it, and I can do it! When it is my turn, IMy heart thumped, throbbed, and I jumped up my courage to walk on the stage. I felt like there was a magical power that made me no longer afraid. But after reading aloud, I found that I just read aloud too much until my classmates next to meSay: "You read well!" At this time, I felt relieved and felt very relieved.

On the way back to the classroom, my heart was still jumping fast. Looking at the review sheet, I realized that I finally won the prize!