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narrative of sick primary school

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Only a healthy body and mind can lead a happy life. I believe that most people have some kind of illness! No matter the serious illness, minor illness, or pretending to be sick. I don't like sickness very much, because sickness will increase the number of successful lessons.You have to fight against germs and demons.

The doctor is a judge and sentenced me to a cold, but I am not a prisoner. I have to bravely challenge the devil. When my mother asked me to take medicine, she felt that she was spraying salt on the wound and ignored my feelings at all; but IThink of medicine as a kind of magic. As long as you swallow it, magic will slowly produce effects. If you do n’t eat it, the devil will chuckle, strengthen your strength, defeat the enemy, and we will become weaker.

But potions also have side effects. I want to eat delicious chocolate and say no! I want to travel abroad and say no! When I have a cold, I do n’t want to do anything, it ’s really difficult! But the great parents at that time, But will continue to take care of me to encourage me, so that I do not feel unhappy. There are many sources of disease-too little clothes, too little exercise ... are all possible reasons, so you must take good care of yourself, don'tWorry parents.

Germs are just as cruel as trying to fight health to eighteen levels of hell. I have a lot of horrible bad ideas in my mind. It's really life-threatening!

Hopefully, from now on, there should be no germs and demons, let the bulls and horses guard them, so that they cannot escape their palms.

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