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An unforgettable gift elementary school narrative

Time: 2019-11-20 Recommended visit : narrative

Rainbow is a gift from the sky, rain is a gift from the river, and seeds are a gift from earth. My most special gift looks like a box, but is soft and has a lot of letters in it. It is an English novel..

On a dark night, my mother gave me the book. Although it was only a novel about a royal girl, it made me understand that my mother wanted me to go from reading picture books to reading English novels, knowing more grammar and words..

This book is neither dazzling nor a treasure, but when I got this gift, I was very excited and thankful, not because it was magnificent, but because my mother's enthusiasm and hope warmed my heart. Every time my cousin andWhen my cousin came to my house, I would tell the story of the royal girl to them, and I was so happy to see them listening!

This book sent by my mother is my most special and memorable gift. It not only makes my reading ability a higher level, but also makes my relationship with my cousin and cousin closer. The most important thing is-momFor my education and spirit, let me impress.

The book sent by my mother left a deep motherly love in my heart, just like the river feels rain and the sky is thankful for the rainbow.