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One unforgettable narrative for elementary school students

Time: 2019-11-20 Recommended visit : narrative

When the New Year, the day of the third year of junior high school, middle school Dad I went to Hainan to inspect the company's store. My mother saw a famous meatball shop next to the store. My mother bought two bowls of meatballs and a bowl of fish ball soup. After that, we went to Sanya.

Just as Dad drove the car, we tasted the hot food in the back seat. I asked my mother, "Mom, can I drink fish ball soup?" My mother answered me, "Of course, but be careful!" JustWhen I was drinking with great enthusiasm, suddenly, a cyclist rode over from the front of the car, and my father braked in an emergency. I had no time to react. The hot soup bowl knocked over my left calf, and I yelled: ""Ah!", I feel that the hot soup keeps flowing down, and a burning tingle comes along.

Then, Dad immediately parked the car by the road, wet my feet with water, and then took off the jeans. Dad took a vest from the suitcase and put it on my feet. After that, we went to the pharmacy to buy medicine.Later, at the convenience store, my father bought a pack of ice cubes to help me apply the wound, and I felt more comfortable. When I arrived in Sanya, my mother helped me to treat the wound first, and we found out how serious it was, from the knee to the ankle.There are big and small. My mother pierced the blister. Among them, there was an extra large one, so my mother pierced a lot of needles, and the juice inside was flowing out. It was terrible and painful. That night, I felt so sleepy.No, it was not until midnight that I fell asleep with my numb feet.

After this lesson, let me learn well, and never dare to drink hot soup in the car. Because the car will have a lot of situations during the journey, let's get in the car after eating it!