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Unforgettable 600-character narrative in elementary school life

Time: 2019-11-19 Recommended visit : narrative

I will never look forward to a beautiful and colorful elementary school life. Coming soon Graduation At that time, the fairy-tale past in those five years is still vividly remembered. Especially the winter sports meeting held in the school, just like it happened yesterday. One day, the sports teacher announced the content of the winter sports games on the radioAnd time. At this time, the students were boiling, some registered for the competition, some prepared the competition equipment, and some used the training between classes.

The day of the game soon arrived. The first was a shuttlecock game. The atmosphere was both tense and lively. The students participating were very calm. After entering the stadium one by one, they tried to kick for a while, and the broadcast came "Ready-Ju! "After the crisp and loud sound, everyone was struggling to kick non-stop. I saw the colorful mules flickering high and low, left and right, just like the little ones with colorful feathers

Birds fly around. Seeing that a student's sister-in-law is about to fall to the ground, but as long as the hook that seems to have a magnet, the naughty sister-in-law will fly on the student's feet. Ah! A fellow student's sister-in-lawKicked off. I saw him slam his leg out to make up for it. But that "naughty ghost"

It seems to deliberately tease him, it only passes through the top of the head, rubbing the tip of his nose tightly, and falling down. When it was late, then, the classmate quickly took a step and hooked gently with his feet, and the mule was obedient againBack to the classmate's feet. This move won warm applause from the audience. In addition to the cheering of the "come on", the crickets of "slap, pop, pop," were ringing. There were also some students to count,And stared at the sister-in-law. In the end, our class won. We laughed and jumped happily.

The shuttlecock competition is over, then the second race-the 50-meter round-trip relay race, this race can be fun! The result is also our class victory. Of these, our class is the main reason. Other classesThe classmates may be too nervous, sweating on their hands, and the baton fell off. When they picked them, they passed them.

The cheerful elementary school life is like the countless twinkling stars in the sky. It is really unforgettable.